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28 Photos Proving That Summer Doesn’t Spare Anyone

Summer is at its peak and the hot sun is showing us who’s boss! Road signs, traffic lights, roads, and even fences are melting. What can people do? Obviously, upload their photos onto the internet! That way, they can show the full extent of the damage and share the best ways to cool down.

Bright Side wants to share 28 burning hot photos with you that will make you feel the summer’s blazing heat.

1. The traffic light was the first one to give up.

2. He’s got a very bright tan line.

3. “Thermoregulation mechanism!”

4. When it’s too hot for hugs but you still feel like making contact:

5. “How we beat the heat in Australia: an ice cold can on a warm belly”

6. The amazing recovery of a bird

7. “Done. The heat shall not pass.”

8. It’s not that easy to pass by a mini pool on a hot summer day.

9. “These birds lined up in a very thin shadow to survive the heat of 104°F.”

10. “My cat sits around all day cooling himself in front of the fan.”

11. “My latest genius idea for riding home in this 100°F heat”

12. “My neighbors put up this fake stone wall last winter. It’s slowly melting away in the heat.”

13. A proven method to boost your popularity

14. What else is there to do when it’s 120°F?

15. “I shouldn’t have left a pressurized can in a hot car...”

16. “...or a yogurt.”

17. This cooling device was installed by local authorities in Lublin, Poland.

18. When it’s almost +120°F and there’s no air conditioning in the room:

19. An obvious sign of summer

20. “This is my buddy’s window in Vegas. I guess it gets hot here.”

21. That’s a really snug speedo.

22. Mittens are used outside the kitchen in Arizona.

23. When it’s so hot that even the road signs are melting:

24. More than 1,000 words in one picture

25. “I couldn’t wait to get in my pool!”

26. Working in a supermarket has its perks.

27. When you hit the beach the day before:

28. Love is everywhere.

What’s the weather like in your city? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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