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28 Photos That Can Impress Even Those Who’ve Seen It All

The world around us is amazing and every now and then we all bump into something so unusual that it’s hard to believe our own eyes. It could be a natural phenomenon, a piece of modern technology, or just a coincidence. Paraphrasing the well-known quote from Albert Einstein “The more I see, the more I realize how much I haven’t seen.”

Luckily, almost everyone has phones with cameras these days and captured these interesting moments so Bright Side could share them with you here.

1. The cheese that melted on this burger is what I call perfection.

2. I want to see a game at this stadium, just for the view.

3. The roots created a natural pool.

4. We have a new team leader.

5. Abandoned places look so surreal.

6. The true definition of rock & roll.

7. Foster family

8. I am Car-rot: the defender of the garden.

9. Dude, just take a bus.

10. Mr. Billionaire wig

11. As long as you don’t have to do a U-turn...

12. A very rare breed — a Corgipillar!

13. Thanks for the idea.

14. That’s a lot of planes, very strange planes.

15. The haven for all graffiti artists.

16. Welcome to paradise.

17. When your hubby is an aircraft engineer:

18. We had the puss-in-boots, now we have the dogs-in-socks.

19. Love puppy

20. This is what makes us human.

21. Holy moly

22. This tree is already taken.

23. Angels also need a break.

24. My box of staples has more box than staples.

25. Don’t skip leg day.

26. An alcohol bottle shaped like a lightbulb with a pear inside

27. Can you see the small dog outfitted with tiny aviator goggles cruising backseat in his own cockpit?

28. I finally became a role model.

Do you have any photos that would be a good addition to our collection? Share them in the comments below.

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