28 Real Things It’s Hard to Imagine

Even if you sometimes think that you've seen everything in this life, checking the internet will prove that this world still has many things to surprise you with.

Bright Side invites you to have a look at a compilation of extraordinary things from around the world. When looking at them, you'll want to exclaim, "Can it be real?!"

Braces for a dog

This puppy couldn't close his mouth completely due to the wrong location of his teeth, and it hurt him a lot. A doggy dentist (who is also this puppy's owner's daddy) rescued the dog. And, by the way, unlike people, dogs have to wear braces for several weeks more.

The nestling of a great blue heron is similar to a small pterodactyl.

This knife was made from the cable that was used for constructing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The bees arranged a beehive in an electrical box.

A pencil with seeds on its end

When the pencil becomes too short for writing, the owner will be able to plant it into the soil to give life to a new tree.

Closed scooter with a Ferrari logo

"Victorian aquarium from the 1880s"

This lamp is projecting its own light bulbs.

A railing for only one stair

This calculator has a built-in chessboard. The most amazing fact is that all the figures are in their places and none have been lost.

Vertical chessboard

The train puncher punches tickets and leaves holes in the shape of little trains.

This is how Christmas lights look under the snow:

We often see double carrots, but a carrot wrapped around another carrot looks even more fascinating.

This apple has a perfect color split.

"This bag of dried blueberries has interlocking plastic velcro instead of the typical bag seal."

The spoons and forks in this Japanese restaurant are miniature shovels and hayforks.

The sunset from this plane looks like a Pink Floyd album cover.

"14 wind turbines all in a row"

"This piece of wood looks like Darth Vader."

This is the ceiling of the smoking room at Washington-Dulles airport. The clear difference between a smoking and a nonsmoking room can be seen.

The frost on the top of the car looks like a frozen mountain range.

"Ice lifting pebbles off the ground"

"The Chicago River melted and refroze to create this mosaic."

"There was ice in the air that reflected the store lights, making it look like video game location markings."

There was a roof leak in the house, and the water collected between the paint and the wall.

This yogurt lists the names of the cows whose milk was involved in its production.

That's a great life hack to save time during repairs.

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Preview photo credit Molly Moore/facebook.com
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