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28 Things You Can Only See in Asia

Asia is a part of the world with a unique atmosphere. It’s a completely different world with its own traditions, tendencies, and attitude toward life. Are you ready to see people hiding their faces behind panda masks, containers for storing husbands, and an IKEA area with upholstered furniture? Welcome to Asia!

Bright Side invites you to take a look at 28 photographs taken in Asia that may surprise and even confuse you.

Connecting with someone you love is essential.

Where else would you see toilet slippers other than Japan?

In order to make fans laugh, a Korean band sang a song with ice cubes in their mouths.

The perfect combination: potatoes and cherries

QR made of trees

There are power banks in China that you can rent.

Just because you don’t have a drill, doesn’t mean you can’t eat a coconut!

Ears on helmets

Aside from safety, things in Asia are made to surprise. These ears really made us smile!

You can do simple things while looking at nature.

A self-check urine scale in Philip Morris, Korea

Where else can you try this food?

Cedar ball, or Sakebayashi

A cedar ball is hung to let everyone know that a new batch of alcohol is finished.

Free onsen (hot spring) for the feet — anyone can let their feet rest here!

Benches with heating

A regular day in IKEA, Beijing

Right, safety first!

3 people who helped to investigate a mafia group in China getting a prize

Another regular sight in Asia

Exercising every morning keeps you healthy.

This guy did what we all wanted to do in childhood.

This is a game show where people have to figure out if certain things in the room are real or made of chocolate. So don’t worry, his teeth are fine — as long as he doesn’t eat too much chocolate, of course.

Nature can be found anywhere, even on skyscrapers!

A competition for who drinks more beer in a Chinese province

“Big dogs aren’t common in Korea. My golden puppy got a little attention when I tied him up to find a bathroom. Came back to this.”

Soups in plastic bags are common in Thai street cafés.

These guys have a sense of humor.

A Chinese mall introduces “husband storage” pods where wives can leave them to play retro games while they go shopping.

Chinese farmers creating paintings on a rice field

How do you lift something really heavy?

What seemed to be the most unusual to you? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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