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28 Times Something Happened for the First Time and Stirred Up a Rush of Emotions

The sense of novelty is one of the brightest feelings. Like the first time you try cocoa, the first time you decorate a Christmas tree, or the first time you see snow after you spend your entire life in a hot country.

Bright Side is sure that our readers also have something to remember and share when they see the pictures from today’s compilation.

Trying Coke for the first time

“I bought and used a vacuum cleaner for the first time.”

“Clark was very excited to ride a rollercoaster like a big boy until the first drop.”

First time at the vet

“My baby’s first time in the snow”

“My mother zip lining for the first time in her life. 73 with a young spirit. Sounded as excited as a kid afterward.”

A 1-year-old having chocolate milk for the first time

“At 58, my dad finally found his biological father through a DNA database. This was taken the moment they met for the first time.”

“Finished my first ever Christmas tree! I know there’s a lot going on but it looks nice!”

“The first day my boyfriend met my dad they wore the same outfit and looked like twins.”

A big brother had an adorable reaction to meeting his little sister for the first time.

“Luna had her first encounter with Christmas lights...she hasn’t moved in 15 minutes.”

“Guys, I just diffused my hair for the first time and I have been crying with laughter for 20 minutes straight.”

His first boat ride

“She’s 2 years old and grew up in a tropical country. This is her first time ever touching snow and she immediately rolled and threw a snowball!”

“Winnie is a rescue cat who loves to swim! Here she is, doing it for the first time.”

When you feel safe for the first time in your life:

“My daughter experiencing her first Christmas tree”

“My son at the exact moment of seeing a real giraffe for the very first time.”

“A K9 wearing snow boots for the first time”

Seeing himself for the first time

“I got my first patent in the mail this week! So excited to finally get it. It’s for a toy figure that I designed.”

“Jimmy’s first Christmas tree...he was amazed by the lights.”

“My girlfriend’s sister sent us this picture while she was looking after our dog. It’s his first fall and I guess he’s excited about the leaves.”

“My son’s first reaction after taking him to the amazing cathedral in Palma de Mallorca, Spain”

“I bought my first home!”

“Got my 80-year-old grandpa his first iPhone for Christmas yesterday.”

“My daughter said she wanted to be on TV at the age of 5. She’s not there yet, but at 10 she’s landed her first paid theater role in a month-long run of Fences by August Wilson.”

Bonus: A baby hears the voice of his mother with a special device for the first time. This video is best watched with the sound on.

Have you tried anything entirely new this year that you can recommend to other people? Tell us about it!

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