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28 Times Something Went Hilariously Wrong at Christmas

Christmas brings out the holiday spirit in people around the world. For some people, the holiday can be funny. In Catalonia, for example, children get presents from a painted log they have to beat like a piñata. For others, Christmas can be funny because things don’t go exactly as planned...

Bright Side has collected some of the most hilarious images of Christmas fails!

1. Does flesh-colored clothing look good on anyone?

2. In this girl’s defense, Santa Claus is the best accessory.

3. You know it’s not too late to paint it green...maybe put the decorations on the outside?

4. What were these supposed to look like in the first place?

5. “Honey, sweaters like this are the one thing it’s okay to grow out of!”

6. It’s nice to see that Bumble is still getting work after all these years!

7. “The kids have been leaving hints as to what they want this year...”

8. Sure, it’s cheaper than a tree and easier to set up...but where’s that good ol’ pine smell?

9. At least it’s a weird Christmas outfit that doesn’t involve sweaters...

10. Happy Holidays from the World Wide Web!

11. Spreading that Christmas spirit around town!

12. The cat claims the tree was like this when he got here.

13. Maybe there’s one in the back?

14. The Easter Bunny’s assimilation plan seems to be going well.

15. Look, as long as it still has chocolate and peanut butter, I’m still game, but you had one job!

16. Getting your lashes in your eyes is always a pain, but this is madness!

17. On the plus side, if you know a Mr. Rey, this is the perfect stocking stuffer.

18. Frosty may have let himself go...

19. “Okay, I just don’t know what went wrong with this one.”

20. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a light show.

21. “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!”

22. Stop letting Charlie Brown pick the tree!

23. “I know we like celebrating Christmas earlier each year, but this is just weird.”

24. In Spanish-speaking countries, Santa Claus has some stiff competition.

25. This explains how The Flintstones kept having Christmas specials!

26. Santa sure had a bad hair day.

27. Something’s got entangled in the fir.

28. This dessert seems to look straight into your soul.

Are you laughing like Santa Claus? Hopefully, your holidays are a lot less silly. Then again, if you’ve experienced a Christmas fail firsthand, let us know!

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