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28 Uncomfortable Things You’ll Want to Fix Immediately

Have you ever seen something so outrageously wrong that you wanted to do something about it right away? We at Bright Side have found some things we are eager to share with you. Which one will be absolutely cringeworthy for you?

This black toilet paper.

This person dunking a cookie in orange juice.

This shaved avocado.

This feather-decorated wheel.

This savage way to eat a banana.

This design genius.

This definite mistake.

This "so close, yet so far" case.

This road gone rogue.

This heating panel.

This misleading sign.

This way to fill a jelly doughnut.

This definitely NOT vegetable.

This way to ruin a dream of becoming an artist.

This complete lack of effort.

This Nala toy with a condition.

This electrical arrangement.

These weird oranges.

This color coordination.

This way to wet shoes.

This missing piece of goodness.

This man's organizing skills.

This careless attitude.

This elevator that corners you.

These doors that are just so wrong in so many ways.

This rebellious tile.

This parking.

This yogurt.

So which one was your favorite horrible thing? Maybe you have some things of your own that make you cringe. Be sure to share them in the comments!

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