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28 “Wow” Inventions We Need So Much in Our Lives

There have been a lot of really effective but also simple designer and technical solutions lately that are able to make our lives much easier. For example, there is an alternative escalator for those who are always in a hurry, a safe place where you can charge your phone, and a doorknob that allows you to open the door even if your hands are full.

Bright Side thinks you should take a look at this compilation of useful inventions that allow you to get rid of small inconveniences.

Finally! A mirror that is always with you!

A maze for headphones

Your entire meal in one hand

You can take a slide instead of the escalators at this mall in Prague.

This dishwasher projects the time left onto the floor.

A dishwasher in Switzerland with a program just for "Fondue/Raclette" dishes

This jerky came with dental floss.

This restaurant sells fries in paper cones - and the tables have diamond-shaped holes that hold the cones.

My Asian 'Pringles' has a tab to lift the chips up so you don't have to put your hand inside the tube.

Coolest idea ever. It locks your phone in a safe place to charge while you shop.

This elevator has an alarm button at floor level in case someone collapses.

This pastry bag has a cutout for condiments so they don't get greasy.

"I bought a pack of cigarettes and they came with a postage paid recycling pouch."

Solar panels provide shade in a parking lot.

This single water fountain has a place for dogs, a short person, a tall person, and a place to fill your water bottle.

"My lab has these door handles to help you open and close the door easily when you have your hands full."

This wallet has 2 buttons for when the wallet gets filled up.

My parents' new kitchen has a rolling ladder.

This beach has a waiting spot for your dog for when you need to use the restroom.

This store that sells children's items has a tiny door for kids to walk through.

"This restaurant I went to uses wooden utensils to reduce plastic waste."

"A spoon that won’t fall into your soup and ruin your day"

"My grocery store started selling overripe bananas for cheap, with a recipe for banana bread on the bag."

Mayonnaise that is in a squeezable tube in Amsterdam

My new waffle maker has button for "A Bit More."

This hotel in Santorini has its name spelled out in shadows.

"My local sourdough bakery has a bike rack in the shape of a toast rack, complete with an oversized slice of bread."

If you leave your car in Korea in a place where something is being painted or built, workers will put a special cover on your car so it doesn't get messed up.

Which of these inventions did you like the best? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Marc Jacobs, taringa
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