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29 Life Hacks From People Who Can Find a Way Out in Any Situation

There are some people that deny the existence of difficulties. They don’t know the word “problem”. If we were in their shoes, we would have surrendered a long time ago. But they don’t know how to surrender. Now you’re going to see what we’re talking about.

On one hand, everyone knows that there’s always a solution to any problem. Yet sometimes it’s very difficult to find that solution.

Bright Side collected 29 examples of geniuses living among us. They can find a solution even where everyone else would simply give up.

At the end of the article, you’ll see that animals can also be unexpectedly smart.

When you suddenly become a mother of four.

Their father is either a genius or just incredibly lazy.

A creative way to eat a watermelon.

Turning a tablet into a TV set.

One shop owner in Mexico found a way to increase sales.

He doesn’t want anyone to see him crying.

“When my aunt found out that I broke up with my boyfriend, she changed him to Channing Tatum in all of our pictures.”

Their creativity knows no limits.

Broken your skateboard? No problem!

Sedentary work is not always unhealthy.

And it was here that I realized that my whole life is a lie.

Every problem has a solution. Even if it’s a stupid one.

Flooding is not a problem for a creative person.

“The hotel which I stayed at in India wants me to look only in one direction.”

This guy brought his computer to a library in two bags. He’s probably not allowed to play games at home.

A creative way to solve a problem.

There’s a dinosaur in this soap so that the kids will wash their hands more often, in order to get a new toy.

“My mother always sticks pictures of hawks to the windows of our car to stop birds from sitting on it. And it seems like it works.”

Technically, the boy is right.

Seems like this guy decided that it would be more expensive to fix the built-in conditioner.

Nothing can spoil a party mood.

Duct tape can fix any problem.

“My dad is an engineer for a reason.”

If the original spray mechanism is broken.

No money to go to a gym? No problem!

All men are kids in some way.

A tank top is also a perfect safety belt.

If you need to drive a stake into the ground but there’s no machinery for it.

Bonus: when there’s no more food in the pen and you’re still hungry.

Which idea did you like most of all? Do you have your own creative solution to a common problem? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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