29 People Share the Most Annoying Things Ever

Have you ever had a day where things just didn't go your way? It could be a sign, fate, Monday, or just the world that is out to annoy you.

We at Bright Side decided to collect 29 examples of things that can drive anyone crazy. Can you relate?

29. Just a freelancer's pooch on the couch!

28. He got a window seat on a low-cost flight.

27. I know kids that have less protection in their life than this pill.

26. I want a piece with a rose... Ugh, never mind.

25. Good morning, loser.

24. These peel-offs are designed to be in hell.

23. It's his bathroom now.

22. In answer to your question, yes, there is a RIGHT way to open a bag of chips.

21. Well, I guess I finished my meal.

20. No fast food for you!

19. When your kitchenware is weaker than your breakfast:

18. Which switch is which?

17. A clear schedule is the first step to success.

16. Who has time to deal with it?

15. This is death by thirst.

14. Privacy is overrated.

13. Peanut butter cups, even you are out to fail me.

12. You little...

11. Ever seen drunk windows?

10. Stop struggling for real.

9. Consistency, man. Stick with it!

8. I knew cookies were evil.

7. Just how exactly?

6. He's a spy. Don't reveal him!

5. "Patch it up. No one will notice."

4. Mak e it stop.

3. The concept of trees is not for everyone.

2. Non-stick sticky sticker.

1. Not sure what's more annoying: the lack of breakfast or the clean-up.

Boy, did these people have a hard day! Have you ever encountered anything like that? Be sure to share with us in the comments.

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