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29 People Who Never Lose the Game

Everyone may get into an unpleasant situation at one time or another. It can be minor or serious, but there are those people that can even win a losing game. They make it look so easy that everyone around them wonders, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Bright Side found some pictures where genius people demonstrate their resourcefulness.

29. This teacher gives hilarious extra credit questions to his students.

28. When you want to relax and there's no bed around:

27. A little bit of patience and you won't need to order a refill.

26. Is your house barricaded with snow? No problem — you can always save electricity and build a free mini-bar fridge.

25. A broken shower head is not a problem for a student living in a hostel. A bottle and duct tape are a perfect combination.

24. "Hands-free" book for the bathroom

23. This is probably the best thing you can build out of Legos. It won't hurt your feet while lying on the floor and it's actually useful.

22. "I wanted my speaker to be louder and this is the solution she came up with."

21. Is it stormy outside? Just check the aerodynamics!

20. Not allowed to go out? Make your own 3D cinema to save your day.

19. I couldn't find a taller ladder, but a crane is always there when I need it.

18. This might be the only way to get to the mechanic.

17. It's much easier to adjust like this.

16. When your deadline was yesterday, resourcefulness and fearlessness come to the rescue:

15. Five wheels are better than four.

14. When every word in the text matters, but your friend with good eyesight decides to take a nap:

13. Instead of a thousand words

12. This boy just invented a new hands-free system for his tablet.

11. Ta-daa!

10. Nothing to say here — the car is green.

9. You're still doing your homework, but you can simultaneously go to the fridge and get a snack.

8. When you need to make a cocktail but every second counts:

7. There's only one problem: when the cocktail is over, you still have to get up.

6. When you hung your shirt out to dry but the wind had a different plan:

5. That's one way to avoid a sore neck.

4. When one wants to avoid the light and the other needs a cushion — there's only one way out:

3. I wonder how many straws they used.

2. When it's raining outside and you don't have any boots:

1. With these notes your teacher will definitely believe that you've read the entire atomic physics textbook.

We're sure you've demonstrated your resourcefullness in some tricky situations. We're looking forward to reading your stories in the comments.

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