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29 People Whose Actions Slash Logic in Half

According to Healthline, confusion is an emotion that prevents us from understanding and thinking clearly. Have you ever been so confused by someone’s actions that you just wanted to ask them why and hear the logic behind it? Have you ever seen the Reaper in public with his cloak stuck in an escalator or a unicorn car?

We at Bright Side collected some images that that will leave you as confused as we were when we first found them.

1. They are either playing hide-and-seek or their shower is broken and they needed to do laundry, as well.

2. Rolling in the park with a human seat

3. Did the sign say “Bring your own cup” and you forgot?

4. If the sun is too bright, you can always use your blinds.

5. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

6. This vacuum started growing wildlife inside of it because no one thought of cleaning it:

7. This is a very special dinner with a dog that looks very well-behaved:

8. This Reaper got his cloak stuck in an escalator:

9. This person needs his sweater to match the road:

10. Not everybody’s desired Christmas surprise...

11. These spoons are tiny shovels that you can use to dig into the Nutella:

12. How long did it take to grow those nails and why?

13. The best face swap

14. PSA: Do NOT leave unattended knives with live lobsters unless you want to become their dinner.

15. Another way to charge your PC is by moving closer to the plug.

16. This car looks like a theme park:

17. Who plays Jenga on roller coasters?

18. This stormtrooper is on the toilet by the piano by a bookshelf:

19. This situation is no less bizarre regardless of whether the couch is going in or out:

20. I am not a construction worker but I am sure you should be standing on the other side while cutting that wood floor...

21. Taking a break for a few minutes to take a nap at a secure and comfortable place...

22. A Unicorn Car (or should we say “Unicar?”)

23. This spatula design lets burger patties come to life:

24. We’re pretty sure there’s a way to disassemble it...

25. This is so confusing:

Have you ever encountered something that just made no sense at all? Please let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends to make their day!

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