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29 People Whose Luck Was Swept Away the Moment They Woke Up

All people have good days and bad days but the people from our compilation have the worst luck ever. Have you ever used shaving cream instead of toothpaste or dropped a phone into a bowl of porridge? The people on this list sure have! These unlucky situations might be hard to believe but things can always get worse.

Bright Side has collected photos for you that will convince you that even your toughest mornings really aren’t that bad.

1. “Asked a friend to grate some cheese. After a few minutes, he asked what he was doing wrong and it seems that he was trying to force the cheese through the potato masher.”

2. “A metal shifter and the power of 100°”

3. “After 3 years, I still can’t make grilled cheese.”

4. Someone didn’t get enough sleep...

5. “So guess which one I put into my coffee this morning!”

6. “I lost my shirt for a solid 5 minutes this morning.”

7. “Today, I had disappointment for breakfast.”

8. “I’m 6’4” staying with a family that’s all under 5’8″."

9. “Woke up tired...”

10. When the morning crew rushes out without telling the night crew that there’s 10 lb of bacon in the second oven:

11. “My Morning Glory does not like that wind chime...”

12. “Here’s a picture of Monday.”

13. “Our local police department made a massive coke bust this morning...”

14. “My ’One a Day’ vitamins”

15. “Moving dirt around my pool today and the wheelbarrow handle decides to snap...”

16. “Dropped my phone in my breakfast.”

17. This extra-value-sized soap bottle doesn’t let you reach the extra value!

18. “My 13-year-old daughter left me a death threat on Saturday morning.”

19. “It was a little humid this morning.”

20. “If only my shower door had broken a week ago, I would have dressed up as Walter White.”

21. “My lego shelf broke and woke me up.”

22. “My sink is having a bad day.”

23. “I can’t wait to eat those gummy bears in my car!”

24. “We all know public commuting isn’t a good time.”

25. “It’s not about what to wear but how to get to it.”

26. “My apple broke the apple cutter and now I have a weapon.”

27. “Let’s just say my morning isn’t off to a good start.”

28. “This is pretty ugly.”

29. “My wedding cake was supposed to be perfect, but...”

Have you ever had these kinds of epic fails in your life? Tell us in the comment section below!

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