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29 Photos From People Whose Parents Are Joke-Savvy

Everyone likes to laugh, and even strict and serious parents can crack a joke from time to time.

We at Bright Side know that such parents truly exist and decided to introduce you to people who have parents with a fantastic sense of humor.

29. Father brought us to the water park. We are 24 years old.

28. My hubby decided to clean our daughter’s doll’s face with an alcoholic wipe. To fix the situation, he took eyes from a photo in a newspaper.

27. When parents have a funny sense of humor:

26. This is either a good joke or a parenting method.

25. Caring father

24. My parents found out that my girlfriend likes jigsaw puzzles. They found it funny. 48 hours later.

23. I opened a Christmas gift to find a cool camera lens, only to realize it was a secondhand travel mug. Well played, Mom and Dad.

22. Please, Dad...

21. Don’t ask to compete for who is better at LEGO if you don’t know how to lose. Does this make me a bad dad?

20. I’m a good parent.

19. When you asked dad to help with math homework:

18. Mom recreated our selfie.

17. My parents said we had a younger brother, but he didn’t like to take a bath and turned into a mushroom.

16. Yesterday on the way home, a police car chased me, and I had to pull over. I got very scared, but then I saw my dad. He thinks it’s funny.

15. This dad is a good actor.

14. When Mom saw this photo, Dad slept on the sofa for a week.

13. My friend’s mom asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. He joked, "Jesus on a stegosaur."

12. This mom needs an Oscar.

11. Dad puts this in different places to scare me. It’s kind of working.

10. Mom thinks she is funny. Dad cannot agree.

9. This is how Dad dressed me in childhood.

8. My Dad’s dark humor during a family gathering:

7. Mom: level 80

6. I’m going to college, so Mom gave me this and said, "You can only drink alcohol from this cup."

5. My parents’ Halloween outfits

4. A smart parent knows how to give medicine to a child.

3. A child drew on the walls, so the parents decided to take it to the next level.

2. This dad gave his daughter a blanket to scare away unnecessary suitors.

1. And you thought only kids love to make jokes!

Now that you’ve seen some great jokes from parents, please share if your folks have ever tricked you!

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