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29 Real Photos That Seem to Have Been Taken in a Parallel Universe

We are so used to pictures edited in Photoshop that when we see something amazing in a photo, we always think that it's probably been doctored. But talented photographers often manage to take unbelievable photos without having to alter to them later.

Bright Side has collected some examples of really unique pictures that were made thanks to the talent of the photographer, technical specifications of the camera, and, of course, amazing luck.

A girl wearing a black and white Santa costume

This fallen tree is holding back the duckweed.

Long-exposure of a tram leaving the station

True happiness for a perfectionist

This is a Bearded Vulture that sometimes carries away lambs, calves, and even children!

And its color only serves one purpose — showing its status. The brightest birds have the biggest territories and resources.

Who needs Photoshop when you are a makeup guru?

A work by French artist George Rousse, who creates his colorful, intriguing images in deserted buildings set to be demolished

A simple flashlight can make your picture more dynamic.

Long-exposure thunderstorm in Colorado

"I took a long-exposure photo of a moving train, and I am very happy with the result."

Light refraction

A photographer who managed to "freeze" light

This gigantic duck is real.

A spinning wheel at a long exposure

We all saw the world like this in childhood.

This took a long exposure and persistence of the model

This guy looks like a snake, but it's actually a lizard. Like any lizard, it can lose a part of its tail when being chased and then grow it back.

"This is my first attempt at "glowing fruit." No Photoshop involved."

The launch of Soyuz MS-03

A puddle that is hard to look away from

"Our cat is very confused with our new piece of art."

Rain, light, and a talented photographer

Africa: no photoshop needed

"My coworker had this picture taken at a Dodge Charger meet-up he helped organize."

"My friend's picture of a fireworks display looks like a nebula."

A perfect reflection

Sun curling up a wave

"I used some LED lights to spin a forest of mushrooms under the Milky Way."

The shadow on his shirt makes it look like the guy in the back is badly photoshopped into this picture.

Do you have any pictures that look as if they were photoshopped even though they weren't? Share them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit unknown/imgur, Volker Wurst
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