30 Awesome Ads That Won’t Go Unnoticed

Effective advertising significantly increases sales. In some cases, it's more than just a sales tool – sometimes it's a piece of art. That kind of ad can really influence the purchasing decisions of its target market.

Bright Side made a list of some brilliant ads that make you want to see them again and again.

Isn't it scary to walk alone after you see an ad like this?

Wake up with a cup of coffee.

Using special toothpaste helps to avoid discomfort when eating your favorite food.

The flags of the countries where Norwegian flies are hidden in their national flag.

Even on a sunny day, these umbrellas are taken quicker than hot French fries.

Light biscuits for dogs

You only need 2 pills to become a normal associate again.

Imagine with LEGO.

Use only what you need. Save water.

Love him like you love yourself.

An unexpectedly powerful drill

Nobody is going to guess what you ate.

Hot and spicy chips

"Hello, Michael!" is what you'll want to say once you put on these headphones.

Are you sure you don't need more calories?

"No one grows ketchup like Heinz."

Open 24 hours

This snack will make your dog's breath fresher than yours.

The power of razors

This is how you make it more secure.

Express delivery feels like you delivered the parcel to your neighbor.

Night cream

Bad food, bad dog.

Unofficial service can be dangerous.

Braun Shavers bring out the human in men.

Cameras are for self-portraits, not selfies.

The freshness of culinary art

This shoe cream makes your shoes shine like a mirror.

We wish you a scary Halloween!

Precision parking

When an idea suddenly pops into your head:

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