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30 Designer Fails That Are Too Epic to Be Left Unnoticed

Everybody makes mistakes and that’s okay. But when designers or architects make them, they also create something that is incredibly funny.

Bright Side has collected the funniest fails which will make you laugh and wonder how this is even possible.

30. Now simply opening the door will be much more exciting.

29. People who design the slides — would you stop already?

28. If this is the effect you get from the massage, then we don’t want one.

27. A urinal for the shy

26. How are you supposed to walk on these?

25. Is this how Spider-Man actually produced the web?

24. Always wanted to visit a place like this!

23. We’re sure you’ll have a “good” time!

22. Finally, we have a shower for people with a broken neck.

21. Was this on purpose?

20. No salt on pigeons.

19. So are you alone or not?

19. It must be hard to hold each other’s left hands...

18. Of course, I bought the mattress for my magazine.

17. An unexpected side effect of soda

16. Not the best name for a store.

15. This is not dirt. This is design.

13. Are you kidding?

12. Great uniform

11. It’s going to be a good ride!

10. An introvert’s room?

9. At least, nobody can see your screen from behind.

8. I’m a designer. This is how I see it.

7. Nice try, Android.

6. Nice!

5. Are you sure it’s a cake?

4. For magnetic personalities only.

3. This is a great drawer if you can open it from the inside:

2. Right, from the creators of the triangle sphere.

1. In what universe could the designer see such giraffes?

Have you seen anything like this? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Kevork Djansezian
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