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30+ Epic Sights Dripping With Misery

According to Leonard Levinson, "A pessimist only sees the dark side of the clouds and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides and shrugs; an optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all — he’s walking on them." Have you ever tested what type of person you are?

Bright Side has prepared a hilarious collection of situations that seem like a complete failure. Let's decide if there is a bright side in any of them!

1. "You just got a new small-headed toilet scrubber! Glass half full."

2. Rest in peace, my faithful friend.

3. How ironic.

4. "So I walked into my office this morning..."

5. "What happens when you forget to roll your window up before a snowstorm."

6. Just close the door and pretend it never happened.

7. "When you slice bread and can't make the sandwich:"

8. "I've honestly never considered suicide a more viable option until this point in my life."

9. I don't like this guy in particular.

10. "Well, now what?"

11. Bad days do exist.

12. "Oh no, I dropped my phone!"

13. "So this just happened..."

14. "My worst nightmare."

15. Free sunglasses!

16. "Just accidentally played the worst game ever. It's called 'Pear or Potato?'"

17. Such a stylish iron

18. Happy Monday!

19. "Today is not my day."

20. "Someone really had to wipe."

21. "I'm a baker. After working all morning on this order, I get this text from my boss..."

22. "This just happened when I took my bananas out of a bag."

23. At least the bicycle is safe.

24. You could still eat about 75% of that and have a good time.

25. This happened in Florence in 2016:

26. "I have just walked around the house for 10 minutes unable to find it."

27. Try switching it off and on, maybe it will help.

28. "A friend of mine found out today why offices aren't based outside."

29. "My friend was curling her eyelashes while walking and she tripped."

30. "My roommate has learned a valuable lesson today."

31. At least the glass is fine.

32. Green is great!

Have you managed to find anything positive in any of the situations? Are you an optimist, a philosopher, or a pessimist? Share your results in comments!

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