30 Historical Memes Showing That Our Ancestors Had The Same Problems

Studying history may seem boring until you realize that our ancestors were just like us with pretty much the same issues. They were also sarcastic and had a witty sense of humor. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to explain the masterpieces you'll find in this article.

Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents – they all say the same thing: "When I was a kid, everything was different." But Bright Side found 30 photos that prove that centuries or even thousands of years ago there were bloggers, vegans, and pop-stars. Don't take it seriously though, just enjoy!

1. Tesla

2. We all live in a yellow submarine.

3. "Do you have a minute to talk about the raw vegan diet?"

4. Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito

5. Tough dress code

6. The day before Christmas in Walmart

7. True story

8. Before Aspirin

9. Using YouTube makeup tutorials

10. What happened to their feet?

11. Oh, this French cuisine!

12. Invisible basketballs

13. Too literal

14. You like the color?

Raphael/Wikimedia Commons

15. Traffic

16. Like a mosquito bite

17. Really, sweetheart.

18. We all know someone like this:

19. Some things never change.

20. Emojis of the past

21. Dating a programmer

22. Not obvious at all

23. "Tell me when it's OK to look!"

24. 70% discount

25. Party hard

27. Overslept

27. Cosmopolitan LIVE

28. Starbucks

29. When somebody who has the flu tries to give you a hug:

30. Yes, Boss.

We are just having fun here and, of course, all of these artworks have a much more sophisticated meaning. On second thought, even centuries ago people cared about relationships, beauty, and health so it is natural that their daily lives and chores were reflected in art.

Which of these did you like the best and which is your favorite historical period?

Preview photo credit BNF/Facebook
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