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30 Oddly Satisfying Patterns That Can Activate Your Zen Mode

For some people, it’s just plain satisfying to see everything sorted and kept in place. No matter whether you’re a perfectionist or a lover of messy stuff, things that are perfectly in order are always soothing to the mind which somehow makes you feel better and well balanced.

Bright Side wants to bring you a new collection of images with near perfect arrangements that will surely put your heart at peace and switch on your zen mode.

1. How the snow forms perfect, pristine lines!

2. The balance and the colors are so calming...

3. Perfection really does exist.

4. Perfectly painted “toothpicubes”

5. A pillow? Ravioli? It’s snow!

6. This is how you organize your seashells!

7. This smooth egg-gradient!

8. Nature sure knows how to perform miracles.

9. Van Gogh would be so darn proud.

10. Pointillism is back.

11. It was probably a slow day at work.

12. “I wish someone gave me this flower...”

13. Don’t fade away. Burn out!

14. Is this what they call magic?

15. Look beyond what you see...

16. Perfect timing...perfect shot!

17. The life cycle of a leaf all in one image

18. “How do I even buy ’em? I can’t disturb the order!”

19. “Someone’s got serious OCD.”

20. “Can I please stand and stare?”

21. Ever heard of aesthetic coffee?

22. “Do Nemo and his dad live in these?”

23. Layering done right!

24. “How would you like your cookie, sir?”

25. Gotta catch ’em all...

26. The perfect dune and the perfect curve

27. “Bibliophiles...I’ve set my expectations high!”

28. This must be the work of a perfectionist architect.

29. The rock hierarchy

30. Bright Side!

Aren’t these images a reflection of an ideal, utopian world? Let us know and share the article with your perfectionist pals!

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