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30 People Who Have to Be Isolated From Us Right Now

There are always people who think that rules are not for them. They always know what to do...or at least they think they do. Even if others say, "Don't!"

Bright Side has collected photos of people doing things we hope no one will ever do again.

30. When perfectionism is so much stronger than family ties:

29. "This is why I don't let guests empty my dishwasher."

28. "I think my mailman hates me."

27. "Why? Why do I NEED an account just to look at Pinterest?"

26. "This butter dish doesn’t fit a full stick of butter. I have to lop off 1/8th of the stick every time."

25. "The way my housemate tidied these shoes!"

24. "My sister always leaves a tiny portion of whatever she eats/drinks so she won't have to throw it away."

23. "USPS bent my diploma. I have no words."

22. "People who block window seats on public transport..."

21. This gum package irritates me more than the people who chew it.

20. "Apparently 27 is 'approx 40'!"

19. That’s OK. I wasn’t planning on actually using this frying pan to cook with or anything.

18. "Faced with this as I wait to see my doctor to review my anxiety prescription dose."

17. "I'm scared of myself too."

16. "My coworker's phone screen protector. I don't know why it bothers me so much."

15. "This is the way my wife changes the toilet paper roll."

14. How people leave doughnuts in supermarket display cases:

13. "Take deep even breaths."

12. People who leave fast food places like this. What's wrong with you?

11. "At least I don't feel hungry anymore."

10. "Now I'm sure that only the bad guys wear UGGs."

9. "And it's going to be my fault if she wets her hair in my soda."

8. Perfectionist hell

7. "Something is wrong with my computer. Can you fix it quickly?"

6. There is no excuse for the people who did this.

5. "Just look at what my friend is doing while having lunch."

4. It looks like the people who made these don't know everything about rainbows.

3. "The people who do this must really hate humanity."

2. "This guy doesn't have a heart. Otherwise, why would he wear something like this?"

1. "No, I just can't look at this."

After these photos, your life will never be the same. Which of the photos irritated you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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