30 People Who Proved That If It Looks Stupid But Works, It Ain’t Stupid

Have you ever tried to fix something, but it didn’t go the way it was supposed to? We often see people’s creative approaches to different life situations, and their ingenuity amazes us.

We at Bright Side gathered 30 things that aren’t particularly appealing or eye-catching on the surface, but they get the job done.

1. It works both ways.

To the school on weekdays, to the factory at the weekend.

2. “Everything else aside, that’s a lot of work and fantastic craftsmanship.”

It also looks very authentic and unique.

3. The ultimate fire tamer

I can’t believe it worked! Please do not try to repeat this at home.

4. It will be an unforgettable ride.

Mom said she would do anything to make you play outside.

5. A college athlete

Because you can strain pasta with a tennis racket, but you can’t play tennis with a pasta strainer.

6. We have a great idea for your next party with friends.

It’s always better to have a swimming pool in a car than no swimming pool at all.

7. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

Any idea will do.

8. That moment when you feel a little shorthanded...

Did you notice the doggy tattoo on his hand? This guy sure knows what he’s doing.

9. This is how you keep calm in traffic jams.

We know you want it.

10. “So this is actually a boo-boo reminder.”

You’ll know when you need to stop.

11. A quick dryer for your shoes

It seems like reasonable enough home engineering.

12. They told him to buy extra oxygen.

Nailed it.

13. He’s in full armor for cooking those chicken wings.

Self-protection is very important.

14. This is the Russian version of a solar-powered weeding machine.

Lying down for a whole day in the fresh air.

15. Free hands for French fries!

It might be really convenient, but we prefer the old way of holding a burger.

16. Moving out? Call an engineer.

Important tip: hire professional movers. Seriously.

17. Whole smoked chicken? It’s in the 2nd drawer.

Hey...if it’s tasty, who cares how it looks?!

18. This is insanely creative!

This is genius. Every beach should have these!

19. I need a place for my PC, and I don’t care about the rest.

“So I recently moved to a different country, and I’m about to buy new stuff. But as I am a gamer and entertainment junky, I had to come up with an idea. My new desk!”

20. Your carriage awaits.

That moment when you can actually say that you’ve been shopping in a motorized shopping cart.

21. Work in progress!

If they attached the brooms to the truck, they wouldn’t need to participate at all.

22. A wrist-saving modification for a game

These little plastic men will be playing football at a very high speed.

23. Someone doesn’t have to do the dishes.

You should never buy a plate again.

24. When you didn’t feel like backpacking but your friends insisted on going with them:

Don’t tell the hipsters!

25. Who likes math?

If each one is 40%, this drink is 160% alcohol!

26. One way or another...

Run, Forrest, run!

27. We hope gravity doesn’t fail him.

Attention: this can actually make you completely oblivious to your surroundings.

28. OK, guys, I’m doing that now!

Now you can enjoy awesome racing games featuring your favorite monster trucks and race cars!

29. Human ingenuity is priceless.

Who said a lawn mower was made only for a lawn?

30. A simple time-saving food hack

Even the chefs use it.

Have you ever seen something similar to these “devices” before? Or maybe you’ve come up with even better solutions and ideas. Tell your stories, and share your photos in the comments. Surprise us all with your wit!

Preview photo credit Aronaf/imgur, hades0401/reddit
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