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30 Photos That Are So Perfect It’s Hard to Take Our Eyes Off Them

You’ve probably heard the expression “a perfectionist’s paradise.” It is mostly used to describe a photo of something that is extraordinarily symmetrical, and it often happens that perfect order was not made by people but by nature.

Bright Side has found 30 photographs that will be enjoyed even by those who can’t call themselves perfectionists.

“Moon” bridge

The Confederation Bridge in Canada cuts the ice.

Even the shadows in Scotland are plaid. Very patriotic!

Someone really loves their job!

21-layer jello

Gummy bears

The whirlpool in this stream collected foam and created a perfect circular foam wheel.

The Christmas tree in a public library

“I finally did it. I opened the pack so I didn’t have to lick the foil.”

When the cable guy is a perfectionist:

Cats are naturally perfect.

The train didn’t ruin the scenery but made it even better.

The tiles have such a perfect transition that it seems it might be an entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

This is the only time when a drop of wax won’t irritate you.

A gradient puzzle

This window looks like a painting.

Long exposure pic of a vinyl record

Travel cubed

Whoever organized this shelf deserves a raise!

There’s a perfect coating of snow on my car.

Clouds in Iceland

Just forks and toothpicks that look perfect!

They know how to showcase their clothes.

Perfectly formed ice fractals

I dispensed some dark green paint into a gallon and made a perfect teardrop.

My dog’s white stripe lines up perfectly with the water’s edge.

A Japanese flower: Fibonacci at its finest!

Picked some practically perfect strawberries!

The sunset spilling over on these trailers makes them so romantic!

Beach yoga!

Which of the photos impressed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Jad Ghorayeb / instagram
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