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30 Photos That Show How Drastically Our Life Has Changed During the Last 20 Years

A lot of big events have taken place in the 2 decades after the beginning of the 21st century. People have started driving unmanned cars, the internet has firmly entered our lives, and traveling the world has become as easy as ABC. However, there are changes that we can’t see with our naked eyes and that’s what we are going to talk about today.

While the year 2020 is taking its first steps, we at Bright Side have become quite sentimental and have decided to remember the things that have disappeared thanks to our progress.

1. People don’t catch taxis on the side of the road anymore.

2. Landline phones have totally disappeared from homes.

3. Plaid shirts are no longer just the uniform of Canadian lumberjacks.

4. Women have stopped torturing themselves with harsh diets.

5. You don’t need to leave home in order to shop.

6. TV series have won over full-length movies.

7. Today’s phone’s functions are far beyond sending texts and making calls.

8. Only the bravest would use online dating services in the past.

9. Almost no one prints photos nowadays.

10. Good girls are no longer in fashion.

11. We’ve started to watch how healthy and ecologically-sound our food is.

12. Today, there are people who believe in the theory of a Flat Earth.

13. Now, we Google symptoms instead of seeing a doctor.

14. Eyebrows have become wider year by year.

15. In the 2000s, fashion-mongers would show off their underwear, while the bravest were decorating their thongs with rhinestones and sequins. Today that’s considered inappropriate.

Are there things in our compilation that you miss? Perhaps you can add more details to our article and tell us about the things that make you nostalgic?