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30+ Startling Photos That Show the Hidden Side of Everyday Objects

It often seems that the most beautiful things on Earth are hidden from the naked eye. Geodes look like normal rocks at first sight but contain beautiful, colorful crystals inside. A lot of objects, both natural and man-made, have striking insides you just have to see to believe.

Bright Side picked some of the most surprising photos of hidden interiors to share with you. Don’t forget to check out our bonus feature that proves what’s inside isn’t always hidden.

1. A banana tree trunk

2. Potted bulbs

3. An accordion

4. A guitar

5. Bowling balls

6. A tissue box

7. A coin

8. Snap bracelets

9. Bocce balls

10. A golf ball

11. An IKEA table

12. A Keurig cup

13. A pool table

14. A Bic lighter

15. Playing dice

16. An air mattress

17. A credit card

18. A bungee cord

19. A can of shaving cream

20. A cactus

21. A cinnamon tree

22. A violin

23. A fire alarm

24. A Redbox machine

25. A magic ball

26. An ATM machine

27. A wasp’s nest

28. A battery

29. An oyster with pearls

30. A bank vault’s door

31. A meteor

32. A soda machine

Bonus: Nature isn’t always so secretive; the glass frog is occasionally born with a transparent abdomen, allowing you to see its heart, liver, and other organs.

Do you have any photos that show the rarely-seen insides of an object? Let us know!

Preview photo credit ReadItOnReddit69 / Reddit
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