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30 Stupefying Photos That Raise More Questions Than Answers

Almost every day, things that we can't explain happen in our lives. And some people's actions are totally beyond any logic.

Bright Side has collected 30 photographs for you which will make you wonder just why and how certain things are possible.

Does this make you feel uncomfortable?

The quickest way to start a fight on Thanksgiving

This strawberry's seeds started sprouting while it was still on the plant.

"It seems that my cat is possessed by the devil. And the second cat is really worried."

For some reason, this guy put his leg on the counter while he was paying.

It can be tricky to realize what's wrong here.

Are you serious?

The elevator is turned off while the stairs are being repaired.

The minus 1 floor is obviously the basement. But where does the infinity button lead to?

A great view

Your home is where your cat cooks soup for you.

"The edge of my drawer casts an odd shadow."

Well, this might come in handy.

This toolkit costs $6 more if you get the non-girly version.

"Mom's new front door mat"

"Neighborhood kids built the most terrifying snowman I’ve ever seen."

"I walked by a manhole cover with light coming out of it last night."

"Don’t know if this belongs here but the sky was pretty weird yesterday. I had never seen it like this."

He seems to be very comfortable.

Is this really the best place to celebrate the New Year?

"Okay, buddy. Take one photo and return the pineapple."

Either the detergent has become better, or its competitors have started doing a lousy job.

Mutant lemon

The baby must be huge!

"Found at a gas station in my city."

Y'all be careful around Mrs. Vaughn! Spotted in Mesquite.

I saw a mannequin in a lobster suit inviting people to buy two beers and get one free.

Buy two beers and get one for free.

"Why does this have to be in front of my mirror?"

"Don't you dare take a picture of me, human!"

Out of bags in the supermarket? And what's with the thread on the ankle?

Dionysus, the god of wine, came down from Olympus to buy some wine on sale in a local supermarket, IV century, Ancient Greece.

Have you ever witnessed any similarly weird situations? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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