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30+ Things That Cause Anger to Brew Inside of Us

It’s strange how the simplest, most everyday things manage to irritate us to the point that we can’t even say anything because it’s happened so many times. Or it’s just so annoying that there are no words to describe our anger. Like when a bag of chips gets stuck in a vending machine or when a shameless airplane passenger puts their stinky feet on your armrest — it seems like a never-ending curse!

Bright Side found some things (and people) that keep getting on our nerves, making us boil over with anger every single time.

1. “Boxes that open like this”

2. “3...3 SEATS”

3. “I bought 2 things.”

4. “When you need scissors to open some scissors”

5. “2 for 1 — I want to start carrying a spray bottle on my commutes.”

6. When pizza is stuck to the packaging:

7. “Me trying to get a pocket knife for these types of scenarios”

8. “The stupid thing my shoe does”

9. The way this car is parked

10. “My roommate is great.”

11. “On a 3-hour flight, shoving this parcel back and forth under my seat”

12. When you ask someone to hand you your glasses:

13. “My sister did this.”

14. “When jars of peanut butter do this thing”

15. “A metal pole is in front of the freaking escalator. I have no words.”

16. “Happens every time...”

17. “When people do this on flights”

18. “I love when this happens.”

19. “This stall door”

20. “How my sister opened the cereal box”

Levi-91 / reddit

21. “This slinky”

22. “My Pop-Tart got stuck in the toaster.”

23. “My new glasses won’t fold flat.”

24. “The installation height of the bathroom mirror at work”

25. “Public transport is just like home.”

26. “Literally got a brand new set of writing pens today and just the packaging...uhhhhhhhggggg.”

27. “The seat is all the way back too! ’Make yourself at home,’ they say.”

28. “When the protective seal splits in 2”

29. “This is the worst thing to happen to bread.”

30. “People who do this on public transportation”

31. “When I tried to open the chocolate milk”

32. “How my wife uses the butter...”

33. When you can’t wash your hands without rubbing the back of the sink:

34. “I’m very upset right now.”

What irritates you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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