30 Times Something Went Hilariously Wrong on the News

According to Nilsen's latest Total Audience Report, adults over 18 years old watched over 27 billion minutes of national cable television news programming per week. Usually, news reports are full of serious things that can be quite stressful to watch. Are you ready to change your perspective? News can be really funny when absurdity comes into play.

Bright Side conducted an investigation in search of the most ridiculous and weird news to ever be shown on TV.

Do not underestimate small doggies.

Stuck in the textures

Think twice before getting a pet.

Well...thanks for the clarification.

Party time!

This should be proven by British scientists:

Super Bowl security is just perfect. This guy obviously got some warm words from his boss afterward.

Seems like he knows something we don't...

This is how dramatic news can be:

Be yourself. Be real.

At least his name is unique.

New styles usually appear on accident.

No need to be shy.

Now you realize how boring your life is...

Now she has something to share with her future grandchildren!

It's always a pleasure to receive some good wishes at the start of your day.

This could be an episode from an art-house movie:

Every person should have something they're proud of.

From another era

Spicy news

Here is something really important to think about: make the right choice before it's too late.

Hmm...Am I only the one who sees it?

What a peculiar bird!

Math is definitely not their strong suit.

Whaaat...does this even make any sense?

Oh, my! I'm intrigued.

Well, at least now we know how he really feels about it...

And Captain Obvious is in the middle.

Loving the hairdo!

There are so many fun occasions that accidentally happen in life. And daily news reports are definitely not an exception. It’s also great when you can find something positive in everything.

Feel free to share some ridiculous and funny things that you’ve seen in the news.

Preview photo credit me irl/Reddit
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