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31 Photos That Can Drive Your Inner Perfectionist Crazy

People like to notice perfection in the things that surround them. That's why even insignificant mismatches and inconsistencies can cause even the calmest people to feel uncomfortable. For the most stress-resistant people, there is a bonus in the end. Check it out if you dare.

Bright Side gathered 31 pictures true perfectionists would be wise to avoid.

"I feel uncomfortable."

"Drive through a chicken coop?"

Is she alright?

"That's not how you do it."

Why would they do that?

This Lego instruction makes me mad.

So close.

This floor can break your eyes.

"When the robo-vacuum ruins its perfect lines returning to base."

What can be less ideal?

"This plant made a leaf instead of a branch then understood its mistake and corrected itself."

When you don't want to read anymore:

Out-of-the-ordinary box

One pill's rebellion

Who wouldn't lose their appetite when they look at this?

When you were just one step away from victory:

One nail polish goes on strike because of the absence of harmony.

A stranger among us

"That one sprinkle."

Perfectionists don't live here.

One element spoiled the whole design.

Tilers hate perfectionists.

When you slice pizza with your eyes closed:

"Oddly dissatisfying."

"Why can't you put the covers back?!"

What's wrong with season 3?

Something's wrong...

How could that happen?

"Another set of stupidly ordered buttons in this elevator."

"Perfect" lines

Bonus: this is especially for you, perfectionists!

How did this compilation make you feel? Do you have any mismatches in your home or at work? Share your photos with us in the comments!

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