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32 People Who Are About to Have a Massive Nervous Breakdown

Ever have a day so bad you felt your eye start to twitch? Think your Mondays are the absolute worst? It may be hard to believe, but there are lots of people who are having even worse days than you are.

Bright Side has collected photos of people who definitely have the right to have a nervous breakdown after what happened to them. We can’t judge!

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Yeah, it’s Monday.

Now what?

“I just needed these pills!”

The attempt to get inside has failed.

“So I have to bend down to pick up the back medicine?”

How was your Monday?

At least the iron looks cool now.

“My view of Metallica from the handicapped section at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. 7-hour drive for this.”

Someone really had to wipe.

And you say that you had a bad day?

We hope the spider had left by the time the girl woke up.

At least the jacket won’t look that bad.

These were her birthday cupcakes.

Right, of course it’s today.

An Italian man was furious when he bought a new car and it wouldn’t start.

Looks like someone just bit right through.

Someone is going to have a nervous day.

“I made brownies, left them to cool, and found them like this.”

“Just got my Valentine’s Day gift.”

“Spent hours completing this mildly infuriating puzzle and now I can’t.”

“I did as instructed.”

“Married with young kids and rarely have time to play games. Wife bought me a game two weeks ago and finally had some time to play tonight.”

“My wife got tired of the mess at home.”

“She just brought this to class.”

When a seagull steals your lunch and you decide to get back at it.

My neighbor ran out of patience.

“My friend works as a cleaner here.”

Apparently, cats aren’t the only ones who do this.

She must have had a very difficult day.

How is this for a reason to have a nervous breakdown?

What stressful things make your eye twitch? Tell us your stories in the comment section below!

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