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32 Shots That Caught the Calm Before the Storm

The word "photography" originated in ancient Greece and actually means "drawing with light", whereas the word "camera" means "dark chamber". Thanks to the invention of photography, human beings are able to record various events of their lives, whether they be staged or spontaneous.

We are all huge fans of perfectly timed photographs that capture the essence of a situation at just the right moment. The internet is full of people who share these hilarious, perfectly timed moments with us and we want to share some of them with you!

Here at Bright Side, we've collected the funniest images that came from both staged and spontaneous photos.

1. Superman, master of campfires and beer

2. Hoping that he managed to move at the last second!

3. Nooooo... don't go.

4. One, two, three, and you're out.

5. There go our orders.

6. Thor and the Hammer of Justice

7. Let me see, is it bubbling?

8. Why put wheels on top of your hovercraft?

9. And there goes the pizza...

10. Is it coming toward me?

11. Guys, let's take a selfie before we......

12. Now that's great product placement.

13. Beautiful and dangerous

14. Well, anyway, I gotta go.

15. Everyone's unique expressions

16. Wait! Where are you going?

17. Head shot!

18. Look at this beautiful color.

19. Jesus, I can touch the surface.

20. This is what happens when your best friend is your co-worker.

21. Just when you start to feel lucky...

22. The "I should have stop clapping" portrait

23. That fraction of a second when you realize you can walk on water.

24. Right before the war started

25. Cheers!

26. Just before you started wondering what you need the glove for.

27. Last moment of peace

28. That one must have hurt.

29. Right before the rain

30. I'm giving him an 8.1 for execution and still waiting for the landing.

31. Jimmy gives the 4-wheeler too much juice and grandma is freaking out.

32. Flying partners

What did you think about this funny compilation? Which of these images made you laugh the most? Please let us know in the comments below and share this post with your friends to make their day!

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