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32 Shots That Caught the Calm Before the Storm

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the ball in the face happened to me like a million times when I was a kid. I also had glasses. This one kid was never careful with the ball he was playing with, and hit me in the nose twice, and once knocked my glasses to the ground. Luckily the lenses were not scratched, but the paint was and my glasses looked horrible for the next year. Kid just laughed. Adults said I should look when he was throwing the ball to me. I wasn't even playing ball with the other kids though! I was at the other side of the play structure making a daisy chain! Eventually I hit the kid in the head with a ball from the second story of my church, and ran away before he could see me. Totally worth it. And once during a waterbaloon game at summer camp I stalked the kid and got water balloons all over him. Never knew it was me lol. No regrets