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33 Acts of Stupidity People Actually Got Away With (Caution: You Might Want to See More)

Have you ever seen something that made you wonder why and legitimately made you want to know the reason behind an image or someone’s action? For example, have you ever seen a pizza with its own bed or what an actual chainsaw looks like or even a fly swatter for blind people?

In this collection, Bright Side has collected some of the most absurd sights captured on camera. These will make you both question the purpose and admire the effort.

1. This person mopping bricks

2. Finally what the roads were missing — a car with ducks sitting on grass

3. Just washing the carrots before eating them, that’s the sanitary thing to do...

4. The largest rear view mirror ever

5. This pierced toenail will make anyone feel uneasy.

6. Is this baby gluten-free?

7. This should become a sport — Roller-Jenga

8. This looks disgusting, we have to try it.

9. What happens if we do?

10. Would you like some cereal with your spoon?

11. How to think ahead while keeping your balance:

12. This guy trying the extreme sport of drinking beer while jumping in a lake:

13. — “How good is your music?”


— “It’s trash.”

14. Now that’s what we call a chain-saw

15. This made us wonder, what was he thinking? But then we realized that he wasn’t thinking at all!

16. Oh, Dave, no!

17. Don’t you hate when you ride your bike up a wet concrete wall and all of a sudden it starts to dry?

18. When you love beer way too much and you wear it as a hat:

19. The person who put this mannequin together in an aggressive position

20. No giants allowed.

21. A fly swatter for blind people?

22. This hard-working man turning the traffic cone into a seat

23. We’re not tire experts, but this does not seem safe.

24. How to think ahead when driving:

25. This photo shows sufficient evidence that standing desks don’t work.

26. Ken taking Barbie for a ride

27. When you were forced to design a bench and you don’t want anyone to sit on it.

28. This person doing sit-ups while driving their motorcycle

29. DIY coffee filter

30. The Jet-ski motorcycle — for the water and the land

31. This person who painted their tires to make the rims appear bigger

32. This pizza becomes really aggressive if you wake it up.

33. This banana cucumber

Which of these photos surprised you the most? Have you done anything similar that you would like to share with us? Please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends to make their day!

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