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34 Annoying Things That Would Drive Anyone Mad

No matter how calm you are, there are some things in life that are incredibly maddening. How can you stay calm when duct paper sticks to your fingers, your sandwich falls apart, or you pencil breaks when you try to sharpen it? And these are just a few annoying things.

Bright Side has collected 34 of the most annoying life situations that happen to all of us.

Oh, no! Now what?

You had one job!

This happens every time!

This doesn't look trendy at all.

"The way my soda can opened but didn't open."

Wearing glasses while walking through a light drizzle.

Thanks a lot, Mother Nature.

When expectations don't match reality.

A very misleading package.

When the reality is way worse than the expectations.

"This chocolate Bath Bomb wasn't quite what I expected."

"I turn my PC off 5 times on daily basis."

"I made brownies, left them to cool, and found them like this."

If you are the person who invented this type of sticker, nobody likes you.

Your pencil sharpening on a slant.

"The glossed pages in my textbook that make it impossible to read at this angle."

When you get out of the shower and remember you threw your old towels in the laundry without replacing them.

When people don’t get that the desktop is where all the icons go on a computer.

"My 'Uncrustables' sandwich had nothing in it!"

Why would anyone fold this?!

When masking tape does this.

Just because they're both green, doesn't mean they're the same thing.

"This stupid doorstop in my hotel room. Banged my foot on it four times today."

"Sure, it was full of Dr. Pepper."

"Big thanks to the restaurant for trying to be fancy by putting sauce on the outside of the bun."

When you wash your hands and your sleeve does this.

This is a parked car.


"Good reminder not to buy things too cheap."

"My printer wasting ink to tell me it updated itself."

"Sure, your pizza came with enough oregano to tranquilize an elephant."

"Ghirardelli sells six chocolates in an impressively large box that doesn’t even close properly after opening it once, and honestly has more filler plastic than chocolate."

Which of these situations have you experienced yourself? Or perhaps there are some even worse ones that didn't make it onto our list. Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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