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35+ Creative Ways to Conquer Boredom at Work — You’ll Need Them for the Next Week

Boredom is one of the worst feelings in the world. It makes us wanna climb the walls and shout out if that could help get rid of it. But there’s another side to boredom: it gives way to our creativity and imagination, and the results can be both amazing and absolutely crazy. In order to cheer themselves up, some artistic souls out there create figurines out of wires, make sticker art, or even wear chairs.

Bright Side invites you to look at 38 instances of when people totally conquered boredom at their workplace. Enjoy, and don’t miss our funny bonus!

1. When mechanics get bored:

2. I wonder what this guy will come up with the next time he’s bored.

3. I bet this one is from a designers’ office!

4. Sticker masterpieces for everyone!

5. Kneel, you weak humans!

6. Here it is, an absolutely healthy way to use cigarettes!

7. Good ol’ Abe looks stylish!

8. Look! Aren’t they absolutely stunning?

9. Some robo-sauce fun on a slow day

10. This should absolutely go to a contemporary art exhibition.

11. When you have some downtime and some spare paper clips:

12. No competitors allowed!

13. He could start a delivery business. Clips anyone?

14. Boredom has no chance in this fight.

15. This tiny warrior is way too cute.

16. Let’s call him “The cheerful knight.”

17. Uh oh, we’ve got some Medieval aficionados out there.

18. When boredom releases your inner perfectionist:

19. Now...defend yourself!

20. Boredom really creates monsters! Meet scorpiraptor:

21. A phone prank on paper cups. Awesome, right?

22. Here it is, a piece of art done in Excel. I can’t even draw a straight line...

23. A little imagination and...gorgeous dreadlocks, man!

24. Games with motherboards

25. I always knew gummy bears were a source of infinite inspiration.

26. Well, even a dead fly can become art when you’ve got some imagination

27. We hope no one had a heart attack with this prank.

28. Now you know what boredom looks like...

29. ...and here you can see it’s getting critical.

30. Tom and Jerry have changed a lot after all these years.

31. Sweet! Guess who needs a vacation?

32. This Lego construction is worthy of being exhibited at a museum.

33. Another boring day for the guy from #4?

34. I bet he’s walking his boredom... creepy little monster.

35. “The price of boredom”

36. Run! It’s a zombie nugget attack!

37. These cups are so me when I’m bored...crawling the walls.

38. Hi, Mr. Milton...considering that I’m here talking to you, I need a more interesting job.

Bonus: Sometimes boredom strikes you in the most unusual places...for example, in public toilets!

Bonus #2: These guys are absolute champions of the boredom-fighting contest!

Have you ever felt bored at work? How did you manage to deal with it? Tell us in the comments below!

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