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35 Occasions When Designers Slightly Messed up

Not every designer is capable of thinking out their projects, and sometimes designers even lose inspiration as well as common sense.

Bright Side has collected the 35 most embarrassing design fails that will raise your mood for the whole day.

35. I feel like this dress is staring at me.

34. A dress for those types of days.

33. A slide for fearless children and parents with nerves of steel.

32. I’d like to meet whoever invented this.

31. The most unsuitable place for the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

30. Toilet paper for the taking.

29. The idea wasn’t bad, but the performance is slightly disappointing.

28. A meaningless door spy hole.

27. With this fire extinguisher, we are not afraid of fire.

26. Safety first.

25. An incredibly motivational T-shirt.

24. Invisible leggings.

23. When I accidentally parked a bus stop.

22. A heart that looks like something else.

21. Your trip is sponsored by the cyborg children.

20. Sorry, could you please move over?

19. The most pointless gate.

18. Something is definitely wrong with the manufacturing process for these leggings.

17. There’s something the banana holder manufacturers did not take into account.

16. This door is for those who’ve learned how to levitate.

15. Toilet stall doors for the most sociable.

14. The most useless wiper blade.

13. Stop! You shall not pass!

12. A structure held together with spit and bailing wire.

11. Just a normal link that’s easy to memorize.

10. Will you make up your mind, please?

9. There obviously wasn’t a better place for inflating it.

8. Same here.

7. Here’s how to actually use a selfie stick.

6. The TV began to feel shy, so it hid.

5. This is a little embarrassing.

4. This designer knew how to heat up the imagination!

3. Perhaps this wasn’t the best color choice for the sink.

2. A dentist’s office mascot?

1. Does this really work as intended?

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