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35 Outrageous Examples of Useless Packaging That Trashes the Planet With Plastic Waste

While the whole world is trying to be sustainable and minimize its ecological foot print, these companies with superfluous wrapping, whether it’s a pill wrapped in 3 layers of plastic or individually packaged grapes, are treading the completely opposite direction.

Here at Bright Side we were very impressed by this “ingenuity” and decided to share this compilation with you of the most ridiculous packaging ever.

1. In case you need to take a piece of bread to go

2. “If only bananas had a robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own.”

3. So this was the packaging for my free Chapstick.

4. Guys, it’s gonna be a cash cow! We get rid of the eggshells and put the eggs in plastic bags!

5. One single pill and the amount of wrapping for it

6. Do these companies think that this amount of packaging will keep it fresh?

7. Wait, but it’s already in cubes...

8. 2 lemongrass stalks, seriously?

9. The best Illustration for the word “overpacked”

10. Just one question: Why?

11. “I ordered a small piece of magnet.”

12. “Say no to plastic” indeed!

13. “This Hong Kong supermarket sells individually plastic wrapped and boxed strawberries.”

14. Pre-cut and individually wrapped peppers are just insanity!

15. Maybe it’s just a very inventive way to prevent them from rolling around?

16. The only explanation for this would be that this part shrank during delivery.

17. Is that a polite way to say that you’re only allowed to eat one grape?

18. A quartered watermelon in a bag — freshness guaranteed!

19. “Is this packaging really necessary Zyrtec?”

20. If there’s no disk needed, why do you send this?

21. Could it be just one container?

22. All this packaging for a bottle with 30 pills. Thanks, Amazon!

23. There’s no way microbes are getting on those apples!

24. “Bought an umbrella on Amazon and it came with 50 times its volume in cardboard packaging and wrapping.”

25. How is that supposed to help?

26. “I thought I was doing my bit by buying Q-tips that weren’t made of plastic. Instead they’re just individually wrapped in it...”

27. “Pre-sliced and packaged avocados? What a time to be alive!”

28. Apparently, the natural cover is not protective enough

29. “I ordered 5 lbs of sugar free Jelly Belly’s online... They arrived individually wrapped! Why?”

30. Such fragile products for sure should be highly protected, and don’t forget to put “organic” on the wrapper.

31. This is some serious packaging for such a tiny steak.

32. Looks like somebody came up with a new business wrapping the free IKEA pencils and selling them.

33. This USB drive is far too small for that packaging.

34. “The plastic has to be removed from every single mini-sausage before cooking.”

35. These potatoes are called “Natural Beauty.”

The individually wrapped strawberry in a box is an absolute winner in our mind. Have you ever come across such eco-unfriendly packaging? We’d be happy to see your stories and pictures in the comment section below!

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