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35 Photos That Will Bring Your Childhood Back

Disney VHS tapes, old school Happy Meal toys, weird fashion choices, and a whole lot of snacks that are not around anymore... Only 80s and 90s kids can relate to these vivid childhood memories! Nowadays “Remember that?” marathons are all over the web, and they bring us right back to the past.

Here at Bright Side we love looking back, bringing up the past with its unique atmosphere, and having this wonderful warm feeling of nostalgia. Join us!

1. Birthday parties at McDonald’s were the coolest!

2. Monopoly, a game that brought everyone together

3. “A photo of me cradling Pokémon cards.”

4. Those iconic crackers were in every school cafeteria!

5. “Lunch tasted better when it came out of my Ninja Turtles lunchbox.”

6. Texting in the 80s

7. Disney VHS tapes were a true treasure chest!

8. Almost all the dads looked like this in the 90s. The moustache was trendy!

9. Windows video guide, Friends edition!

10. Remember playing pogs?

11. You were the hippest kid on the block, if you had a Game Boy!

12. Ring Pops were a thing!

13. “I see your cafeteria pizza and I raise you Minute Maid Juice Bars.”

14. 80s-90s McDonald’s Happy Meal toys

15. The old folks remember, 7Up wasn’t always green!

16. Superhero comics collection was worth all your pocket change!

17. How many of you flew off this thing?

18. “You pretty much ruled the land if you had the 64-count box of crayons WITH the sharpener, no less.”

19. Michelangelo was every boy’s favorite character!

20. If you had this yellow Walkman, you were a middle school legend!

21. Leg warmers seem so weird nowadays, back then they were an iconic fashion piece!

22. McDonald’s old menu (look at those prices!)

23. The Casio electronic diary was something from the future!

24. Remember the time when McDonald’s served birthday cakes!

25. “Fruit snacks” were part of every kid’s lunchbox.

26. Mall arcades on Friday nights in the 90s

27. This was one of the coolest activities in gym class in the 90s!

28. Scented Markers in childhood seemed to smell no worse than mom’s perfume!

29. You’re a true 90s kid, if you remember these pencils!

30. Every 90s kid knows this little girl from the Pepsi commercials!

31. The essence of a 90s bedroom

32. Anyone else have a pair of these 4-wheel roller skates?

33. Walt Disney World in the 90s!

34. 90s Taco Bell looked so futuristic!

35. Computer clubs in the 90s were the best place to hang out!

Do you have anything that we can add to the list? We’d be happy to see your stories and photos in the comment section below!

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