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36 Kitchen Wizards Who Don’t Believe in Using Cookbooks

American chef, Julia Child once said, "This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook – try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all, have fun!" Cooking failures can happen to anyone – the secret is to season them with just a pinch of humor.

Cooking is an art and there’s plenty of room for trial and error. If your last culinary experiment went wrong, don’t get upset and give up! Instead, check out how other new and inexperienced chefs have struggled in the kitchen.

Bright Side has collected some of the most amusing kitchen failures that are sure to cheer you up and inspire you for future cooking experiments.

1. Never put spaghetti squash into a microwave.

2. When you think you're having a bad morning, remember that it could be worse.

3. A plastic cutting board is probably not the best choice for oven cooking...

4. "All I did was open the kitchen cupboard."

5. Cool them off before you put the icing on. It's so simple...

6. When you suddenly get angry at an avocado:

7. A mixer with a lid would've been a better choice.

8. Now it's a two-layer dish!

9. "Starting my day with a mango smoothie was so tempting."

10. "This is what happens when you put papadums in the oven and put the grill on by mistake."

11. Probably not the best way to serve cheesecake...

12. "Looks like I forgot the key ingredient..."

13. If you want really hard boiled eggs, just don't add water.

14. When you try to eat healthy, but something goes wrong:

15. Is that a new kitchen item?

16. "When your salmon won't fit on any of your kitchen supplies."

17. We can't imagine what it took to clean this oven...

18. When you sprinkle your oatmeal with cumin because of the package design:

19. When the chocolate cake mix is that dense:

20. When modern kitchen tools turn out to be useless:

21. They're still tasty, right?

22. Run, bread, run!

23. "Fry until soft," they sad.

24. "That's not my breakfast you've just burnt, is it?"

25. Cheese toast kitchen drama

26. "When you have a pavlova in your mind but it ends up being cheesecake."

27. When there's a kitchenware sale at your favorite store:

28. When your dishwasher fails:

29. Alien, the beginning

30. Just a bit overcooked...

31. This kitchen gadget looked way more handy in the commercial...

32. When you think you can make it to the toilet before your hot chocolate begins to boil:

33. DIY crime scene recipe: Put berries into a lidless blender and turn it on.

34. It's not burnt, it's well done!

35. "They look great! I'm totally not going to cry..."

36. "Make a double batch," they said.

BONUS: "That's why I don't cook..."

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a kitchen disaster? Share your cooking fails in the comments!

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