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38 Staggering Cosplays That Only People With Active Imaginations Could Put Together

Recently, cosplay has become quite popular. It’s not only adults who dress up like their favorite movie or cartoon characters, but kids and animals get in on the fun too. They prove that these creative fantasies are boundless and even merciless at times.

Bright Side has collected 38 of the brightest transformations that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

“My mom was me for Halloween.”

Remember, we’re the wet bandits!

Ready for battle!

“My brother and his friends won the costume contest.”

Double Dobby!

“Winter is coming!”

Who killed Joffrey?

Titanic made of an iron and a Rose doll

His teeth are probably coming out.

Space Ranger on a budget.

Some people can even cosplay the building where a cosplay conference is being held!

The 5th Element or “That’s the last roll of toilet paper.”

Mad Max

Edible Kraken

Different strokes for different folks

The toilet genie makes all your wishes come true!

Worthy cosplay

It’s all about ingenuity.

This guy dresses like his mom to buy alcohol.

Wolverine got skittles-pox.

The Mother of Dragons

“I’m just blending in, that’s all.”

One more 4-cheese pizza, please!

Little Red Riding Hood with a tail

Kraken, the beginning

KFC should give her a bunch of chicken wings for this costume.

The Mother of Dragons 2

Beardy Gadget Hackwrench

Another handsome guy from Elm Street!

He deserved it.

Edible Rapunzel

Mulan, the rebellion

Marge Simpson from a yoga mat

Draco Malfoy didn’t come out well.

R2-D2 is choosing shoes.

Who lives the best?

It’s not easy to be Lady Gaga.

However, creating cat-play is even more difficult!

Which of these cosplays amazed you the most? Do you think it can be called art? Please share your opinion with us in the comments!

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