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5 Simple Questions That Will Help You Quickly Evaluate Anyone’s Intelligence

There are questions that help us “peek” into people’s minds and understand what kind of a person you are dealing with. Not only do these questions help you understand people you already know, but also the people you’re just meeting for the first time.

At Bright Side, we guarantee that if you listen to the thoughts of an interlocutor following any of these 5 questions, you will learn many interesting things about them. And if by chance their thoughts match yours, it’s likely that you are dealing with your soulmate.


How do you usually hang out?” This question will let you know:

  • the habits of a person
  • their character (for example, whether they’re lazy, a whiner, an optimist, etc.)
  • their level of income
  • their number of friends (and therefore, their ability to keep good relationships)
  • the person’s hobbies and how interesting they are in general


If you had a billion dollars, how would you spend it?” This question will help to find out:

  • a person’s life values and priorities
  • what they lack in life
  • their degree of selfishness
  • their ambitions
  • their moral principles and level of intellect


The next one should be a provocative question. Simply raise a topic that can cause debate. For example, you can ask the interlocutor about their attitude toward political parties, vegetarians or feminists. It would be good if you manage to check how they perceive opinions that contradict the ones they have. Also, it will help you to learn:

  • the general worldview of a person
  • how strong their intellect is
  • if they’re prone to aggression
  • if they’re a person who likes to talk a lot of nonsense and is unable to make conclusions from their own reasonings
  • how tolerant they are to opinions of another people
  • how tolerant they are in general
  • if they are sure in their arguments
  • whether it is easy to manipulate this person
  • whether they have their own opinion in general


The next stage includes a question offering to solve a kind of moral dilemma. For example, you can ask a question like, “If you had the ability to be invisible, would you feel obliged to follow generally accepted norms?”

  • In this case, it will be interesting to listen to a person’s reasoning and opinion to learn about their principles and see if they match yours.


What would you change in this world?” This is the last question from our list. Pay attention to which things your interlocutor wants to “change”. It will help you to learn what periods he emphasizes more — past, present or future. Also, you’ll be able to learn:

  • the degree of a person’s selfishness
  • how global their thoughts and mind are

Do you think these questions can really help you distinguish a soulmate or understand that communication with the person should be stopped? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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