6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

Great secrets are great because only few people know about them. Some secrets are passed down from generation to generation, some come from a teacher to a successor. It's said that if something has to be kept in secret forever, only 2 people should know about it. So who should keep it?

Bright Side will tell you 6 secrets that only 2 people in the world know about.

6. Imperial napkins

It may sound strange, but there's a secret method to folding napkins that few people know about.

This technique was invented at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Strictly kept in secret, it was passed down by certain Imperial servants orally from generation to generation. Servants always had to fold the napkins this way in case the emperor decided to attend dinner.

This tradition is still alive today and there are only 2 officers who are keepers of this unique knowledge. People have the chance to use these specially folded napkins only during visits from presidents or royal persons from other countries.

5. The name of an award winner

The Oscar award ceremony is one of the most prestigious and significant annual events. Every year, bookies make huge bets on the nominees, and it's one of the reasons why the names are kept in secret.

Various experts and organizations process all the votes manually and only 2 people, Brad Oltmanns and Rick Rosas, know who is going to win the award for all 24 nominations. And, they only get to know this 48 hours before the ceremony because of the manual ballot processing.

4. The language of Ayapaneco

The language of Ayapaneco is an ancient language people used to speak in Mexico before it became Mexico. After the Spanish colonization, the language started to become extinct and all attempts to teach the new generation failed.

Today, there are only 2 people left in the world who speak this language: Manuel Segovia (75 years old) and Isidro Velazquez (69 years old) who live in the village of Ayapa in the southern state of Tabasco (Mexico).

Specialists are trying to gather and record as many facts about this language as they can. They are especially interested in its history and culture because the language of Ayapaneco will be available only on paper very soon.

3. Led Zeppelin symbol meaning

The Led Zeppelin band members chose 1 symbol for each member and put these symbols on their 4th album cover that later became one of the most popular and legendary albums of all time.

The meanings of Robert Plant's (a feather inside a circle), John Bonham's (the Borromean ring), and John Paul Jones' (a triquetra inside a circle) symbols are clear. But what does Jimmy Page's symbol mean? It remains unknown.

Only Page himself, and Plant know the answer. And we're guessing that Robert has probably forgotten its meaning.

2. The Berglas Effect

The Berglas effect is the Holy Grail of all card tricks. It's an incredible illusion where a magician is able to locate a chosen card inside a card deck without even touching it. It's also interesting that a magician can use a new or sealed deck.

Only 2 people can perform this trick: David Berglas (the trick's creator) and his protegee Mark Paul (who demonstrates this trick in the video).

1. The Chartreuse liqueur recipe

Chartreuse is a French liqueur that has been produced by the monks of the Carthusian Order at the Voiron and Isere wine cellars at the Chartreuse Mountains border since the 17th century.

The liquor's main feature is that it's made from 130 types of herbs and it's well-known as the elixir of life. By the way, each herb is kept secret and only 2 monks from the Grande Chartreuse monastery know the recipe.

Did you know any of these facts? Which one surprised you the most? Share your impression in the comments.

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