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7 Ad Campaigns That Became Legendary Examples of Good Marketing

Advertising might be the main motor of trade, but it’s so annoying sometimes. We often pay attention to emotional, atmospheric, and really creative marketing campaigns that have a memorable impact on us. Just look at the Christmas surprise from the airline to its passengers or the video with kids looking for their mothers with their eyes closed. What about the money hidden on the streets of New York! Don’t forget to look for it when you’re there.

Bright Side gathered cool marketing campaigns made by the brands that not only want to earn your money but also want to bring humor, kindness, and good vibes to your day.

The brand hid thousands of dollars right on the street and left notes for where to find the money. Anyone can participate.

The American underwear brand, Fruit of the Loom, launched an unusual marketing campaign for its new underwear collection. The main feature of this new underwear is that you barely notice it. They hid $1,851 (the company was founded in 1851) and a box with underwear in each hiding spot on the streets of New York City. Getting the money was easy — you just had to pay attention to the ads.

Read the fine print on their billboard, look through binoculars installed next to a brick wall, or open a box that suddenly appeared in the middle of the street. In the city with a population of almost 9 million people, only 6 persons noticed these “signs” and got their prizes. The brand assures us that there are more of these hiding spots and anyone can try their luck through the end of summer.

An airline made their passengers’ dreams come true at Christmas.

WestJet Airlines orchestrated a huge surprise for 250 passengers. In the airport in Canada, passengers waiting for their flight could scan their boarding passes and chat with a digital Santa Claus. He asked them about the presents they wanted to receive for Christmas. Right after that, 175 volunteers rushed to shops in their city of arrival.

The passengers could pick up their presents right from the baggage claim: scarfs, telephones, video cameras, a big TV. Just look at their emotional reactions when they realize that all these things are for them. It’s proof that the simple belief in miracles lives in everyone.

Blindfolded kids try to recognize their mothers.

Pandora created a heart-warming video about mothers and children. A blindfolded child was asked to pick his or her mother out of 6 other women. It’s almost impossible to not shed a tear when you watch the process. Of course, every child found their mother. The campaign’s idea is that, “Every woman is unique.”

Women had to decide whether they’re beautiful or average.

Dove conducted an unusual experiment. They put the signs saying “Beautiful” and “Average” above the entrances to the shopping malls in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and Sao Paulo. They filmed the choices that hundreds of women made and then asked them: “Why did you choose this door?” Which door would you choose?

During interviews, people were asked to do the hardest work in the world for free.

A company that produces holiday cards conducted an unusual social experiment dedicated to Mother’s Day. Papers and websites published a Director of Operations vacancy announcement with the following online interview. The employees had to have knowledge of medicine, finance, cooking, and be responsible for a wide range of tasks. There wouldn’t be time for sleep or vacation and there was no salary at all for this role. All 24 participants had the same reaction: “What? No! Who would agree to do this job?!” To which the interviewer replied: “Billions of people. Being a mother is the hardest job in the world.”

A Dutch TV channel showed how many things totally different people have in common.

A Dutch TV channel, TV2, performed a social experiment: different people were gathered in a room — rich and poor, natives and immigrants, villagers and citizens, religious and atheists. Each group took their place within separate squares drawn on the floor. Then the presenter would ask them: “Who of you was a class clown?”, “Who are step-parents?”, “Who loves to dance?”, “Whose heart has been broken?” Those who could give an affirmative answer stepped outside the square and stood together. The experiment showed that it’s pointless to put labels on people. We’re better off finding things that we have in common. Just watch the video.

Disney let its characters into the real world.

Disney decided to have fun with the visitors of a shopping center and installed a special light stand. Different Disney characters were hiding behind it. When people would pass by the stand, a cartoon character would repeat their movements, and play with the visitors. Watch the video that shows what fun it was.

What viral marketing campaigns and social experiments did you like the most? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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