7 Crazy Jobs People Will Have in the Future

The influence of digital and space technologies on our lives seems immense right now, but just imagine how they will change the job market in several decades. Bright Side made a list of the craziest jobs of the future that might not sound that unreal anymore.

7. 3D printer handyman

No, it’s not a guy who comes to fix your printer. It’s a guy who comes and prints a replacement for a leaking pipe you wanted to fix. Or a new house. Or your personal robot. Sounds like a magician, but it’s just a handyman. With a 3D printer.

6. Trash architect

One day there will be so much trash on Earth that we’ll have to find a new way of dealing with it. There are concepts for floating cities built of algae and waste, where up to 20,000 people could live. Or this one — a pavilion built of plastic cups. It’s a nice example of what trash architects will do.

5. Space tour guide

No matter if it is a 30-minute ride above Earth or a 2-year Mars colonization project, you will need someone to show you around and help you find the best spots for selfies or free Wi-Fi. A space tour guide will sell you a real piece of Moon as a fridge magnet.

4. Digital death manager

If you think this doesn’t make sense, then wait another 20-30 years. People will spend so much time on the internet that they’ll need someone to take care of all their social media, bank, and medical accounts. Should a Facebook account be deleted after a person dies or just frozen? And photos in cloud storage — should they be deleted or revealed to the closest family? And passwords? All these questions could be discussed with a private digital death manager.

3. Asteroid miners

We know you immediately thought about Bruce Willis saving the world, but that’s not it. Research shows that asteroids contain vast deposits of valuable platinum, rhodium, and palladium, making asteroid mining a potentially super-profitable business. Who knows? Maybe one day your kid will become a shift worker in a space mine. Isn’t it crazy?

2. Curiosity tutor

If you ever found yourself surfing the Web with no specific goal in mind, wandering from Wikipedia article to Wikipedia article, then you’ll easily see what curiosity tutors are for. They are personal advisors in providing inspiration and sparking curiosity. They will also teach how to explore new ideas and topics in the most beneficial way for an individual.

1. Urban farmer

The growing population will gradually inhabit agricultural lands, leading to the necessity of finding new types of farming. Rooftop farming, vertical planting, every piece of surface can be used. But plants still have to be looked after, and that’s where urban farmers will be in demand. And we can even talk about urban shepherds. Yeah, you heard right.

Preview photo credit Franz Steiner
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