7 Horrifying Foods You Won’t Believe People Actually Eat

Can a dish be so tasty you'd risk your life to try it? There are many exquisite and dangerous delicacies in the world, which, when improperly cooked, can cause irreparable harm to your health.

Especially for fearless gourmets, Bright Side prepared a list of the world's most dangerous dishes.

#7. Codfish in lye solution

Lutefisk is a traditional dish of Scandinavian countries. It's cooked by marinating codfish in a lye solution. After a few days, the fish is washed with water and heat-treated. As a result, they get a translucent jelly-like mass with a strong smell. The dish is usually served at Christmas with boiled potatoes and vegetables.

Brave people who risk trying the delicacy should avoid using silverware, as they're instantly corroded.

#6. Spicy shrimp cocktail

Unlike the classic shrimp cocktail, the shock-cocktail is served with a secret spicy sauce, which includes a large amount of horseradish. Despite the fact that it contains absolutely no pepper, the cocktail is so spicy that some visitors feel electric shocks and even lose consciousness.

You can try the exotic dish in St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis, which gained worldwide popularity thanks to its unique dish.

#5. The world's hottest pepper

Naga Jolokia got into the Guinness World Records as the world's hottest hybrid pepper. It contains capsaicin, making it deadly. In cooking, it's used in minimal quantities, since even one extra gram can lead to death, but it's actively used in agriculture to scare away wild elephants from crops and dwellings.

#4. Fried tarantula

Fried tarantula "a-ping" is the national treasure of Cambodia's cuisine. For local residents, it's an exquisite delicacy. Soft meat and a crispy sweet crust fried in garlic oil make both locals and tourists line up to taste the exotic dish.

Yet you need to be as careful as possible, as there's a strong poison in the spider's fangs. With unprofessional cooking, such a dish can lead to death.

#3. Poisonous fruit

Ackee is a traditional ingredient in Jamaican cuisine. Only the flesh of the fruit is edible. It's boiled, then fried and served with salad, wafers, and fruit. Ackee's consistency and taste remind one of a nutty omelet. The unripe fruits are dangerous: they contain toxins and, being improperly cooked, can lead to death.

#2. Medicine that kills

For centuries, nontraditional medicine has been using datura as a medicinal herb. In fact, it's a dangerous toxic plant. The abuse of datura seeds, tea from leaves, and juice causes delirium, loss of memory, increased heart rate, and hallucinations. An overdose can kill you.

#1. An octopus that can suffocate you

San-nakji is one of the most expensive and exquisite dishes of Korean cuisine. The octopus is still alive when cut into pieces and brought to the table. According to gourmets, the live octopus has a more intense taste than when cooked.

The danger of such a delicacy is that contracting tentacles can lead to suffocation, so it's advised to chew it very carefully. Traditionally, the octopus is sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with various sauces.

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