7 Male Makeup Artists Whose Skills Would Make Any Girl Jealous

For many years, makeup has been a "girls-only" game. But our world is changing quickly, and most professions do not see gender differences anymore. Thus, a new group of makeup professionals and stylists has emerged: young men. And they are not only on a par in this world of beauty but completely dominate it.

Bright Side would love to introduce you to some of the best and brightest of them.

Manny MUA

This handsome young man has millions of followers on his YouTube and Instagram channels alike. His real name is Manuel Gutierrez, and he is the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline. He is a beauty influencer of the year and has his own makeup line in collaboration with his friends and companies.

Jeffree Star

Having started out as a singer and Kat Von D's friend, Jeffree Star is a self-made man. He is sometimes surrounded by controversy, yet we can't overlook facts: he has his own makeup brand, he has an extremely large following, and he owns a warehouse from where he ships a lot of other brands' makeup.

That makes him not only a talented makeup artist but a savvy businessman. Along with makeup, he also did some modeling and fashion design, which makes him talented in more than one (traditionally female) role.

Patrick Starrr

One of the most recognized faces in the makeup industry, Patrick is an upbeat, optimistic, hard-working person. He is not only the face of his own line of MAC cosmetics – where several years ago he was merely a consultant – but a true makeup icon for his fans and the companies that stand in line to work with him.

He is half Filipino, half American, and he got into photography right out of high school. It motivated him to pursue his passion for makeup artistry.

Zachary Edward

Living in 2 cities, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Zachary is widely known for using makeup tricks you can try right away in the comfort of your own bedroom. He is also known for the flawless and timeless looks he creates time and time again.

He came to be a makeup artist through his love for art and overcame a lot of obstacles, including being homeless for some time, to get to where he is now.

Jack Emory

What is interesting about this young man is that he is self-taught and did not receive professional training at the start of his career. Unlike the previous men on our list, he was born and raised in the UK.

Calling himself a self-taught makeup doodler, he is a strong fighter in the battle against bullying and fat shaming. "Be careful who you call a fat, bent, ugly nobody in school," Jack wrote. "Because they might grow up to highlight their inner corner like your girlfriend wishes she could."

Ryan Potter

The first word that comes to mind when you see Ryan's makeup looks is "elegant." Being a man in the industry, he manages to stay within the lines of stylish yet more conservative and timeless looks. This man's sense of style is just plain flawless.

This 17-year-old from Seattle is not only great at everyday makeup: his Halloween looks can stun everyone.

James Charles

An internet-famous personality and pretty happy-looking person, this teenage boy broke all the rules of the game by becoming the first CoverGirl spokesperson in history who was not, well...not a girl. He's young, hardworking, and has tons of the right attitude to be a true star of makeup and social media. His sheer existence is a celebration of diversity in the world of makeup.

Do you believe that beauty should have no gender? Share your views with us!

Preview photo credit patrickstarrr/instagram
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