6 Well-Known Foods That Changed Right in Front of Us And We Didn’t Even Notice

We all know very well what Nutella looks like and we can spot a Snickers bar from a mile away. We are so used to the fact that nothing changes and it can even make us feel slightly uncomfortable whenever we notice an enormous change in something we're used to. We like to think that our favorite products will stay the same. But the truth is that manufacturers change their products to fit the times and these changes can be either huge or barely even noticeable.

Bright Side has collected the most unexpected changes of well-known products that you may have never noticed.

1. McFlurry cups from McDonald's and hedgehogs

In 2006, natural protection activists required McDonald's to change the shape of the McFlurry ice cream cup, or rather, do something about the hole in the lid. The problem was that hedgehogs (who like sweet foods very much) licked the leftovers from the lid and got stuck in it and starved to death. The company decided to support the activists and changed the design of the cup to make sure that not another hedgehog would die because of it.

2. Hidden symbols from Coca-Cola

Before the Christmas holidays, many companies put special symbols on their products. Coca-Cola makes people happy with their white bears. This design appeared in 2016, but before 2018 their designer created an incredibly cute and barely noticeable Easter Egg for the fans. So, if you look closely, you will see that the white bears have a Coco-Cola bottle on their noses.

3. What happened to the orange?

2 years of work resulted in not only an entirely new design of the bottle but also a new logo. And it isn't just a new font or some new lines. There is a hidden smile and there are more saturated colors. The designers from Drink Works claim that the new asymmetric shape of the bottle is revolutionary and it attracts attention.

4. The weight of Snickers has changed?

Snickers was created in 1923 and mass production was started in 1930. The bars were made for the military because they were very nutritious (507 calories in 100 grams of the bar.) The bar helped restore energy very quickly.

The ingredients weren't changed for years: nougat, peanut, and milk chocolate. And the most important thing was that every bar must have exactly 16 nuts. After the war, the bars were more affordable among the population, especially children. Doctors started worrying because it was too dangerous and could cause different diseases in the case of overeating. The manufacturers addressed these concerns by decreasing the weight of the bar by 7%.

5. The color of Nutella

Nutella has changed! Many fans are disappointed and some are furious! The manufacturer changed the ingredients and didn't warn anyone. The butter has become lighter and what does this mean? The German organization Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg conducted a study and found out that there is 1.2% less milk powder in the new product that there was in the past. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out which changes took place: Ferrero doesn't publish the cacao percentage and the number and amount of the other ingredients in their product.

6. No bubbles in the Skype logo

In the past, Skype had "bubbles" and now it has a new colorful design on the inside and a new but strict logo. The logo matches the Microsoft corporate style and the application launch button is still the same. More than that, you can use new cool GIFs and additional features (similar to the one on Snapchat).


Pringles chips are not chips

We all know that Pringles are the chips which are never broken in the can and are all of the same size. But in the beginning, the manufacturers imagined this product to be a potato snack or a kind of biscuit. This product consists of 42% potato and it also contains starch, flour, and other ingredients.

In 2008, The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom stated that Pringles cannot be considered chips. But some time later, the government services of the UK proved that this product can be considered chips because the percentage of potatoes is bigger than the percentage of any other ingredient.

Did you know about these changes or were you surprised to learn about them? Do you know of any other changes in popular products? Tell us in the comment section below!

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