8 Extraordinary Beauty Standards From Around the World

People are beautiful, yet some of the unique beauty standards around the world may not only surprise but also scare you.

We at Bright Side found some extraordinary beauty ideals to share with you. We were surprised to discover that it's not only indigenous peoples that come up with really amazing beauty tricks but also modern societies – get to the end of the article to see for yourself.

8. Yanomami Tribe, Brazil

The Yanomami tribes from the rainforests of South America are the least contacted indigenous people on Earth. Yet they are considered to be the most endangered as the Brazilian government can no longer protect them from contact (often violent) with intruders and diseases.
But let us take a look at the women of this peoples. They struggle a lot because they are often kidnapped, beaten, and violated. Many anthropologists believe the stick piercing to be either of a decorative nature or a mark of adolescence.

7. Daasanach Tribe, Ethiopia

Omo Valley in Ethiopia is one of the most populated areas of indigenous peoples. We, the people of smartphones and the internet, pollute this world greatly; they, the people of nature and unique culture, take the waste we produce and turn it into jewelry. We all know how the modern fashion world loves to brag about recycling, but have they thought of such recycling as that of the Omo Valley peoples? We're not so sure. We should all learn from such amazing peoples and their simple vision of this world.

6. Apatani Women, India

The Apatani tribe is from Arunachal Pradesh, India. Their women are considered to be the most beautiful among the neighboring tribes. Therefore, to look more unattractive for other men, they choose to wear nose plugs. Not really a beauty standard, but somehow it makes them look very unique.

5. Afar Tribe, Ethiopia

A beautiful tribe, Afar, from Ethiopia has some absolutely distinct beauty standards: teeth chiseling. The sharp ends of their teeth, when they smile, symbolize beauty. The Afar people also tend to braid their hair in a special way and pierce their noses.

4. Mursi Tribe, Ethiopia

Mursi tribe women are largely recognized for their lip plates, but there are also other stunning beauty ideals that they follow. For instance, they love to decorate their heads with horns and floral crowns and paint their faces. Originally, it was done to stop slavery. Women were mutilated and, therefore, pronounced "not fit" to be a slave. Once an act of protection, now it has become a symbol of beauty and recognition for this tribe's women.

3. Lahui Tribe, Vietnam

While many of us spend time brushing our teeth 3 times a day, some peoples paint them black and find it beautiful. The women of the Lahui tribe paint their teeth black to show their readiness for marriage. This custom is also popular throughout other parts of Asia. It used to symbolize a high status in society, as in Japan.

2. Dayak Women, Indonesia

Elongation of earlobes within the Dayak tribe in Indonesia was always considered primarily as a sign of beauty. The ears were pierced at a young age, and earrings with brass weights were applied to elongate the lobes. This is a dying tradition as very few women within the tribe do it anymore.

1. Aegyo sal or baby fat eyebags, South Korea

South Korea is obsessed with looks. The women try to look as beautiful and as cute as babies. To achieve such a level of cuteness, they have plastic surgeries or apply makeup. One of the latest is aegyo sal, or so-called "baby fat eyebags." Not only can you get it by having extra fat injected into your eyebags, but you can also learn makeup tricks to achieve the effect.

Now we can say that we've seen the world's most authentic beauty standards. We truly believe in the saying "beauty will save the world." Share with us your stories or photos of unique beauty on this planet.

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