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8 Restaurant Situations When Waiters Aren’t Very Fond of Guests

Politeness and manners are a must for any civilized person. However, there are situations when your help and courtesy are inappropriate.

Bright Side put together useful information from the working days of waiters which will help make your communication with this restaurant personnel more pleasant for both parties.

1. Piling up plates

In your attempt to help a waiter do you pile up dirty plates? You shouldn’t do it.

Each waiter has their own approach when it comes to cleaning a table. Your help can just become even more work for them.

The other common mistake to move empty plates to the edge of the table showing that you’ve finished your food. A waiter can see when you’ve finished your food and will ask you whether they can take the empty dishes.

2. Ordering food immediately

Sometimes we think that it’s impolite to make a waiter come to our table a few times and that’s why we decide to look through the menu and order right away.

Usually, studying the menu and making your choice takes time which is enough for a waiter to get the order from those who have come earlier and are waiting for a waiter to come up to them.

So, don’t be shy to ask a waiter to come up to you later. They’ll be thankful that you’re not wasting their time.

3. Choosing a seat by yourself

Sometimes when we walk into a restaurant or a cafe, we see empty tables and think, “What’s the point of looking for a host and bothering when we can just sit at any empty table?”

But there is a point. The host or the hostess is responsible for the seating arrangement and they have their own system. If you want to be polite, don’t interfere with the established procedures of the restaurant. Otherwise, a waiter may simply overlook your presence and you’ll find yourself sitting for half an hour waiting for them.

4. Thanking too much

If you liked the service, food, and a restaurant, in general, you’d want to thank everyone who’s taken part in your happy evening.

Waiters say that some of the most problematic guests are the ones who are funny and heartful people. As a rule, they want to say thank you and shake hands with everyone: the chef, the host/hostess, the owner, and so on.

You don’t need to disturb the restaurant personnel. While you’re expressing your thankfulness, someone’s lunch is getting colder and someone is still waiting for their order to be taken. Just saying “Thank you” and tipping at the end of the meal is more than enough.

5. Being silent when something is wrong

Sometimes we’re not happy about something in a restaurant: a dish is cold, a waiter forgot to bring napkins, or a cup of coffee has been brought without sugar even though you asked for it.

We’re all human beings and we can all make mistakes. Don’t be shy to remind a waiter about your request. Perhaps, they haven’t fulfilled your request not because they don’t like you but because they have too many things to do.

Restaurant personnel is interested in making a guest happy because it guarantees tips. That’s why it’s better to repeat your requests politely rather than being unhappy and leaving a waiter without tips.

6. Helping a waiter

Some guests feel awkward and try to help to unload the tray with food or put already used plates on it.

You won’t help a waiter like this and you may actually make things much worse. When you take a dish from one side of the tray you can shift the balance and the waiter can drop the rest of the food. If you really want to help, then remove your personal belongings like your phone or your wallet from the table.

7. Cleaning up after an accident

Did you break your plate? Or perhaps you may have spilled a glass of juice? Whatever the case, just wait for the waiter. They will clean everything up quickly. You can apologize but there is no need to participate. There’s no need for you to risk cutting your hand on some broken glass and causing the waiter to not only have to clean up the mess but take care of your injury, as well.

8. Ordering from a different waiter

Perhaps your waiter was busy when you needed their help. So you decide to ask a different waiter so as not to disturb yours. As a result, you end up causing difficulty for both of them. For example, they may come across issues when you ask for the bill.

In the majority of cases, waiters don’t need our help. So, simple politeness and tips are more than enough if you had a good time at a restaurant. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below.

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