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8 Signs That Your Partner Loves Your Pet Way More Than They Love You

Competing with other humans to get your partner’s attention is one thing, but when you are up against the goodest boy ever, there’s no doubt he’s gonna steal your love. And, when that happens, your significant other will still love you, of course, but at times you’ll find yourself feeling like a third-wheel when you’re all together.

Believe it or not, your partner can love your pet way more than they love you. We at Bright Side have made a list of 8 signs that you can look out for!

1. They shower your pet with affection 24/7.

Your partner is always up for cuddling your dog or giving your cat a hundred kisses, irrespective of anything else, but they sometimes fall asleep without cuddling you — if this sounds familiar to you, we welcome you to the Second Love Club because your four-legged best friend has stolen your boo’s heart away.

2. They are quick to forgive their furry baby. You? Not so much.

Every mistake your pet makes is forgiven by your partner. If they break something, your partner is more concerned about their well-being than the thing they broke. On the other hand, if you break their grandma’s vase or ruin their favorite dress — let’s just say forgiveness might not come that easily.

3. They constantly take photos of them.

If your partner’s Instagram is full of your furry baby doing cute things, while you are hardly anywhere to be seen, it’s a sign they love your pet more than they love you. This, however, can be fixed if you spend more time with your partner and encourage them to take photos with you.

4. They get more excited about your pet’s birthday.

More than yours or even their own birthday, your partner gets excited to bake a cake for your pet’s birthday and they always have a cute little surprise for them. And that, of course, is followed by a series of selfies and a showering of affection for your pet.

5. They turn the world upside down when your pet is sick.

If your partner totally freaks out when your pet is sick and takes it to the vet immediately, they care a lot about your little friend, probably more than you.

6. They compliment your four-legged friend more than they compliment you.

Humans tend to give nicknames to those they love, so if your pet has an adorable nickname and you don’t, that’s well, awkward. Also, if your partner never fails to excessively compliment your pet any chance they get, more than you, you’re now in a losing competition with your dog or cat.

7. Saying goodbye to your pet is harder for them.

Separating from your loved ones is always heartbreaking, but if, for your partner, bidding goodbye to your pet is harder than saying goodbye to you, this is a clear sign that they love your pooch more. Plus, if your pet is equally dramatic whenever your partner leaves, you should just accept that you are the #2 priority in the house.

8. And, when they reunite, it’s a scene straight out of a movie.

If whenever your partner and pet reunite, they remind you of a Nicholas Sparks novel or a typical romantic movie and you are just standing there waiting for them to be done, you’re officially a third wheel. That being said, be assured that both your pet and your partner love you very much. They just love each other more!

Have you ever caught your partner and your pet straight up having a good time without you? Share their photos with us in the comments!

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